Friday, 26 February 2016

Breakthrough today

An awesome day of break through today. Our projects are all well underway and making some fantastic progress. 

We have two baking teams. Maya, Holly and Mikayla are baking treats to raise money for the Cancer Foundation. While Isabella R and Maddy are focusing on creating healthy baking, they are experimenting how to use less sugar to make delicious treats. 

Maya Holly and Mikayla selling their treats
(plus some free samples) to raise money
for Child Cancer Foundation
Our baking teams getting underway. 

Austen, Yahaya and Jake made this plan
before they begun constructing their site
Austen & Yahya are building a website to share the
Hub's breakthrough projects. Here they are using
the cushions to work out which colours work
best together for their site's colour scheme. 

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Jade and Brooklyn

On the first day I took Brooklyn home I 
was so excited that we decided to 
come home and watch Grease Live on the TV.
When we were in the car we wanted to take a selfie so we can make it as a memory.

When we got home Skye my little sister
was so excited to see Brooklyn she
didn’t even let go until I was inside.
When I put on Grease live she ran up
to the couch and holded Brooklyn’s 
hand cause she wanted to watch it 
with Brooklyn.

While we were watching the movie we were given ice blocks so me and Brooklyn shared.
In the middle of the movie their was a cheerleading part so we wanted to do some cheerleading and try do the same as they did.

In one of the ads we wanted to have a 
snack cause were a little bit hungry.
We got out some apple, tomatoes to eat.
I made a surprise for Brooklyn and this 
was his surprise.

When the movie finished it was time for 
bedtime cause the movie was 4 hours.
So we went into our pj’s and he said 
‘can I read you a story before bed?
And I said ‘Yes’
We snuggled up into the covers and 
he read me the story madeline.

Jake and Brooklyn

Check out Jake's photo story of Brooklyn's visit!
I was excited to get Brooklyn at the end of the day,  we walked to the car and we drove home.
I then showed Brooklyn my room and we went downstairs and had some 
afternoon tea - he really likes bananas!
At 3:45pm, we then had to go and drop 
my sister off at her hip hop class. We then 
came home and watched the cricket for a little.
Then my mum said “Come on, we have to pick Mikayla up and drop you off at pre-season 
rugby training.”
FullSizeRender (1).jpg
I went to Auckland University Rugby Club pre season training. 
It was fun. When I finished pre season rugby training we went 
home and had dinner with my family.
After we had dinner Brooklyn held 
my new ball that I got from rugby training.
FullSizeRender (3).jpg
After we had dinner, I had an ice cream and Brooklyn had a banana. It was then time for bed 
so I read Brooklyn a story called ‘The Mixed-Up Chameleon’. He really liked it. Then it was lights out and we went to sleep.
When we woke up we had breakfast. I had bacon and eggs and Brooklyn had a banana again.  After he had breakfast he cleaned our teeth and got ready and went to school.               

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Brittany's Goldilocks Tale

Brittany has crafted this version of Goldilocks, check out her great use of vocabulary and language features like onomatopoeia and hyperboles. See if you can spot them all.

There are different versions of Goldilocks and the three bears like The Three bears and the classical Goldilocks and the three bears. Well all of them pictured me as the protagonist, all of them were wrong.
No one has ever heard my side of the story, the real story.Why not I tell you what happened?

Since I was a baby I was the greedy type, well I was practically a thief since I was 5. And well, I was nicknamed “ Little Devil”. I had been in jail once or twice... By that I maybe mean... Like a million times since I was a kid!

It was a beautiful day, birds were singing, flowers were blooming...And today, of all days I was being chased  by bodyguards.
And well, sometimes I’m not even sure how it happens.
Just before I was walking around the town market, I spotted someone that looked strange and they didn’t belong here at least not in my town.
Beside her two men in tuxedos stood, presumably bodyguards.
In each of their pockets I spotted a gun, just one of those usual Rifles.
The woman had a silk cape draped on her shoulders,  gems and jewels of all kinds like rubies, emeralds and crystals were embroidered onto her cape.
A small piece of a crystal could be seen in her pocket, as she walked I followed her.
I smirked at myself. I stepped forward onto her silk cape, it flung her backward and the crystal dropped out of her pocket.
I took a quick glance at the ground, or more importantly what was there.
I quickly swooped in, grabbing onto the crystal and running away as fast as I possibly could. The guards charged forward to grab the crystal off my hands.
I was just trying to ‘Borrow’ something. Welp, back to being chased..

I ran into the forest, small patches of mud were surrounding me.
I smirked at myself. I could trip them by leading them into the mud, I thought.
My heart pounded inside my chest, I ran toward one of the mud puddles. I jumped over the puddle, one of the guards fell in. Mud splattered everywhere, I hopped over the small puddles.
“Urgh!” I groaned, almost tripping into a puddle of mud. I quickly stepped down onto the ground with my other foot making sure I wouldn’t trip.
I struggled to get my foot out of the mud, I looked behind me.
The guard is almost here Come on! I thought to myself, determined to get out.
The mud let go of my foot, flinging me forward almost making me trip.
I looked forward, running away. I looked up to see a branch tall enough to hit the guard’s head.
I ducked underneath, grabbing onto the branch and pulling it backward.
The guard grunted, he fell backwards into a small puddle.
I looked behind, I chuckled.
I ran and ran until I got somewhere safe.
I watched a small family of bears leaving a small cottage in the woods. The door was left wide open allowing me to just run in.
The house was recently repainted and it let off a glowing shine into my eyes.
Hah, I could go in there... I thought to myself, as soon as they left into the woods from where I came from, I ran towards the door.
I put my hand onto the door, trying to open it.
The door swung open.
I ran in, slamming the door behind me.I leant against the wall, pressing my back to the wall to make sure the door couldn’t open. I slid down to the floor, I looked around the house.
I could see a few valuables around the shelves, everything was right in place where I wanted it to be. Ranging from silver to gold, they stood out from the white colour of the walls.
I looked over at a small corner table, I ran over to it and pushed it over to the front door.
The guards knocked on the door, I didn’t reply.
“They mustn't be home” One of them said, all I could hear from through the wall was muffled speaking.
I sighed in relief, I walked away from the door.
I looked at the table, licking my lips. Three small bowls of porridge sat at the table, one large,one average sized and one small. Drool dripped down my chin. I rubbed my stomach, sitting down on the small chairs in front of the table.
My stomach growled, well I was hungry after all that running so..why not?
I grabbed onto one of the spoon and shoved some of the porridge from the largest bowl into my mouth, I spat it out.
“Hot,hot,hot, hot!”I shouted, I let go of the spoon.
I sighed, my luck was seriously running out.My hand grabbed onto the spoon, without hesitation I scooped some porridge from the medium sized bowl into my mouth.
“Too..cold!” I said, as I spat it out.
There’s nothing wrong with cold porridge but this one was freezing cold! I gulped, my hand hesitated to grab onto the last spoon. I dug the spoon into the last bowl of porridge, I put it into my mouth.
“Just right!” I said.
I smiled as I licked off the porridge off the spoon. I ate the rest quickly as if I hadn’t had food for days. I stood up thinking of what to do next..I chuckled at my thought, I grabbed onto the bowl smashing it onto the ground. I grabbed the last two, smashing them onto the table.
I smiled at myself proudly looking at the mess that I had made.
I giggled, patting my bloated stomach.I walked into the room next to the dining room.
I looked at the 3 chairs, same as the porridge. One was huge, the other was quite a nice size and the last one quite small.
“Pretty!” I said, as if I was a small little girl eager to open a christmas present with beautiful wrapping.
I sat on the biggest one, I slowly peeled away at the fabric. I giggled, shreds of the fabric were scattered all over the floor.
Once I got quite a big chunk of it off,  I still wasn’t satisfied with the amount of trouble I had caused yet.
I sat on the next chair, a small book sat on top.Without caring I sat on the book and the chair.
“This one’s pretty too!” I said, acting like a child. I tore away at the fabric, one chunk fell off onto the ground. After I had finished, the floor was in a bad condition and the chairs looked worse then ever. I chuckled at my excuses and what I did.
I sat onto the smallest chair, it was made purely out of wood. I sat down leaning backwards to take a rest. It broke off with me landing on the ground.
I had my fun and I was tired. My back was aching from the fall so I went to find a bed.
Before I could get there, I spotted the valuables on the shelves.. My eyes were attracted to them like magnets. I ran towards them and started to stuff my pockets full of jewelry, gold and coins. I hurried upstairs to the bedroom to find the comfiest bed to sleep on.
The bedroom had 3 different beds, ranging from big to small. I jumped onto the big bed and it was way too hard. It made my back worse than before. The medium sized bed was was too soft, I could feel the wood poking at my skin. With no cushioning at all, I leaped over to the baby bed. It was tiny but comfy. It wasn’t too soft or hard, just right texture for my back. I laid there and in no time I fell asleep.  
The three bears came back to see their house in a mess, broken pieces of ceramic everywhere with fabric lying on the ground. I heard the screams of terror coming from below. I got woken up from my ‘amazing’ dream. While they weren’t paying attention, I bolted down the stairs and escaped through the back door. My footsteps weren’t as heavy as the biggest bear there. Luckily they couldn’t hear me.  I laughed hysterically at myself and skipped away happily, another bad deed done. Another day over.

And that was the true story of Goldilocks and The Three Bears.

And only the beginning of my life of crime...


Georgia and Aashna's Golidlocks tale

Georgia and Aashna created this version of our childhood classic Goldilocks, be warned though, the end is pretty creepy - So please don't read if you scare too easy!

Carmen's Goldilocks tale

Carmen created this version of Goldilocks, she's found a creative way to present her work and used images really effectively. 

Friday, 19 February 2016

New learners to hub 8

Nau mai, haere mai, whakatau mai rā

Welcome to Austen, Christian, Paddy, Lundan, Hollie.
We are off to a good start.
Looking forward to an exciting learning journey.

Jade's Goldilocks tale

Check out Jade's amazing story where she has twisted a Fairy Tale story to make Goldilocks the bad character. You could comment below about the things you loved about her story.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Walking up Maungarei

Despite the dark clouds hovering in the horizon and threatening rain this morning, Hub 8 got packed their water bottles, lunch boxes, art equipment and of course, a rain jacket then embarked on a leisurely stroll up Maungarei (Mt Wellington). 

It was great to get to know one another outside of school, at the top we learned a little about some of the history of the mountain and the battles that had once occurred there. 

To see all of the photo's check out the album on the class site.
Ms Casey also took some fab photos

You'll see that it was pretty windy up there, which most definitely added to the fun! 

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Sharing our breakthrough proposals

This afternoon we were sharing our breakthrough ideas with other members of the hub, have you ever seen Dragon's Den? Well it was kind of like that, in our groups we shared our plan and the other hub members were able to ask us lots of questions about how we were going to build knowledge and what our purpose was. 

Isaac and Brittany sharing their proposal 
Maddy and Isabella 
It was fantastic for everyone to be getting excited about one another's breakthrough plans. 

Maya and Brooklyn

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Carmen and Brooklyn

On Wednesday I took home Brooklyn I was so happy. My sister Brooke ran up to me then tripped over on the field but she was okay.
Then me, Brooke and Brooklyn stayed at home and watched a movie called Arthur and The Invisibles. Then at 7:40 we hopped into bed and read a book for 20 minutes it was called the Unicorn Hunter and we read it with my kitten, Leo who curled up and slept on Brooklyn’s face and woke us up at 3 in the morning!

Friday, 12 February 2016

Fares and Brooklyn

When I received Brooklyn, I went out of the hub. I was shocked when i saw my mum running into me and shouted out , I passed the driving test ! We picked up my brother and    we went  to the car. I asked what are we going to do today she said , we are going to celebrate my passed test , I questioned where are we going? she said, we are going to eat KFC, and then going to do shopping in sylvia park warehouse, we drove home then we changed and we told our grandma to get ready. Don't forget Brooklyn  Mum said. We went to the car then me and my brother took a picture with Brooklyn.

IMG_20160211_154318.jpgWe drove to KFC we ordered a meal called  party pack it had  2 packs of potato chips a box that had 12 pieces of fried chicken and a coca cola zero. 


Reading my brother's favourite book about Lego. 
Me Brooklyn and my brother took another picture. 
Then we went to sylvia park and we met Michael and had a picture together with Brooklyn we had a lot of  fun.

Brooklyn on Fares' Dad's motorcycle.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Meet the teacher

Meet the teacher

We had a great evening thanks to all our whānau who attended.

This is the link that we presented Hub 8 Meet the teacher 2016 slide show.

Monday, 8 February 2016


Softball players

Can all Year 5 - 8s learners please meet with Mrs Elliot.

Who would like to play softball Tuesday lunch in Hub 7?

Fortnightly CRT time

Hub 8 learners have amazing opportunities to learning art, music and te reo Māori
Once a fortnight, on friday mornings till 12pm.
Our teachers are:
Mrs Allen                                                 Miss Esterman                                              Miss Purcell

In art they are producing a piece that represents New Zealand.
Learners will create tiles in one portrait, we will follow their journey.
These are some of their ideas on iconic kiwi images. 

They are learning how to play the recorder and look after the recorders.
There will be some amazing tunes coming from that room.

E ako ana rātou i te raupapa mō ngā mihi i a rōpū ke.

They are learning how to greet different sized groups.

Ko te pūtake tuarua, e ako ana rātou ki nga maramatanga o tēnei, tēnā, tērā.

The second aim they are learning the positional words here, there by the speaker and over there.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Learning this week

The past couple of days have been busy busy getting to know one another. 

Dylan, Elijah, Sophie and Seb sharing their
problem solving on the measurements of our waka!
Yesterday we were building knowledge about Kowhaiwhai patterns, what the different designs and colours represent. We applied this knowledge to make our own patterns, which share stories about our families and interests. To determine what size our kowhaiwhai patterns would be, a team of Hub 8 learners worked together to problem solve based on the number of learners and the approximate size of the waka. 

Our painted squares will later be put onto our class waka along with our class treaty values.  Stay tuned to see the final product! 

This week we've also been doing some sports rotations, getting to work together in teams and challenging ourselves to learn new skills. 

Basketball Relay Games 
Today we were practicing some maths games that we will be using throughout the year. Some of us got stuck in the learning pit, but collaborated and were able to problem solve to work out the math puzzle. The puzzle was called 24, where we had to use multiplication/division, addition/subtraction to make the four numbers on the card equal 24. 

Sophie and Dylan K collaborating on one problem,
while Cooper and Pativai solve another.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Wow what a first day. Ka mau te wehi. Awesome!!

Kia ora e te whānau

An artist at work
Looking forward to seeing more art work this year. Christian.

Theatre sports alive in Hub 8

We definitely have some amazing actors quick to respond great to understand. But most important of them all , collaboration was alive in hub 8 inclusive and respectful.  


Stretching and making aeroplanes with our bodies seems to be harder than we thought
It looks like we may need to visit this yoga thing again.

Can't wait to see what we are doing tomorrow a waka is what we need to do.

Monday, 1 February 2016

Brooklyn's visit to Mrs Parker's house

Monday, the 1st of February

Tonight I went home with Mrs Parker, it was a pretty long drive, but I got to see lots of things out the window on the way home. First we drove past Ellerslie Race Course, where the horses were practicing, then we drove over the motorway. After driving past a hospital, we got stuck in some traffic and were going really slooooooow. Finally we got to Mrs Parker’s house, and I got to help water the garden. There were lots of tomatoes, parsley, chillis and lettuce growing.
Mrs Parker cooked spaghetti bolognese for dinner. It was yum, but slurpy and a little bit messy for me to eat.
After dinner, Mrs Parker and I sat on the couch and I had to be really brave. Last year I got hurt pretty bad and my arm was nearly falling off. Mrs Parker promised it wouldn’t hurt, but she was going to fix me so I was brand new again! She got out her needle and thread out of her sewing room and let me pick a colour. I choose blue, because it is my favourite colour. The surgery took ages, but I was really brave. Mrs Parker wasn’t so brave though, she pricked herself a few times trying to get the little needle through my tough fur. It must have hurt because she yelped and it gave me a fright.
Once I was all stitched up we got to watch some television before bed. It was awesome going to Mrs Parker's house and I feel so much better with my fixed up arm.