Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Trip to the wetlands

Yesterday was part one of our collaboratively planned trip. 
First we decided what foods we do and do not like in order to make a packed lunch to take on our trip, then the next week our groups planned games which we would then teach to another group. 

The sandwich making production line.
Thank you to our fantastic parent helpers. 
Before we left for the wetlands yesterday we had to put our planning into action and prepare our lunches. Mr Stuart and Mrs Parker did an amazing race style supermarket run to pick up the supplies in record time. 

We all had a hand in making sandwiches for our classmates. To make sure that we all got what we wanted, we filled in a lunch order, where we picked what veggies we wanted and if we wanted chicken or cheese. 
Meanwhile, Mrs Parker took groups into the staffroom to make our own delicious ANZAC biscuits. We used the original recipe which was first published in 1926 and you can find it here

Once we walked to the wetlands we began our first rotation of collaborative games. We found actually teaching the game to others was more challenging than playing the game ourselves, but we perservered and ended up having a great time. 


We finished the day off with a great big game of Tug of War. Boys vs. Girls. And guess what? The girls had a winning strategy and dragged the boys over the line to win! Hoorah! 

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Yugioh tournament by carrey

Stonefields School Flag - By Vera & Aashna

This is our flag for Stonefields School! We put the 4 rocks because it represents Stonefields School. We also put the silver fern since we are from New Zealand and we wanted something that represents New Zealand on the flag so if someone from another country looks at our flag from the internet or something, they would know imminently that this school is from New Zealand. We wanted to put the word Stonefields on the flag since other people from New Zealand will know that this school is in Stonefields, we thought that if we write Stonefields on the border of the Silver Fern, it will look pretty cool! Hope you like it!

​& Aashna​

My postcard to Boris, by Sophie

This was a literacy activity.We read a a story about Tamati and Boris.It was about how they got in trouble spray painting Jason's shoes.They got a lot of punishments but lastly, they went to a graffiti workout.They learnt how to do real graffiti. 

By Sophie 

Sleeping sleuths by Shanya

Sleeping Sleuths by Kate Potter L3 Connected 2015: Fact or Fiction p10-17

For Mrs Parker's literacy group read a book called Sleeping Sleuths. First we had to label 2 picture of what the pictures and icons meant of a picture in the book. Secondly we experimented on ourselves so every time we went to sleep we recorded what time it was and when we woke up. Finally the last thing we had to record ourselves talking about our finding of when we sleep and explain what we are doing. I hope you enjoy the video.

Monday, 4 April 2016

Science Alive! Learning about Beetles and Bugs

Today we had a very special visitor into Hub 8.
Dr Shaun from Dung Beetle Innovations came into share his wealth of knowledge about insects, beetles and bugs.
Did you know what not all insects are bugs? I didn't. To be a 'bug' it has to have a sucky type mouth and also, they are insects which, when are born, already look like their parents. Unlike other insects which go through the life cycle of larva and pupa.
Check out this presentation to learn more....