Thursday, 26 May 2016

Sans Underfell/Undertale -Isaac and Brittany

​This is a collab between me and Brittany, I created the red Sans and Brittany created the blue Sans, if you turn your head you can read the text on each side. This is a Undertale/Underfell fan-art. I hope you enjoy this collab. -Isaac And Brittany

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Gaster Blaster Concept, Home-made Fan-Art Undertale - Isaac

​This is a piece of fan-art based of a game called Undertale, each detail is a small white square, there are approximately 650 pixel squares in the art piece. The idea first came to me whilst I was think of novel or book ideas for an upcoming chronicle series. And I thought, how about I do a piece of fan-art? So I chose the middle gaster blaster concept, down below:
And I made my concept the baseplate the middle gaster blaster, and proceeded to adjust it to my desires. The result was the piece of art at the top of this post. I hope you enjoy my fan-art and wish for more. -Isaac S

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Science recount by Christian

On Tuesday Hub 8 did a science rotation for science week
I did the fizz inflator with Mrs Parker first we mixed sugar ,yeast and water what it did was amazing the mixture inflated the balloon that we placed over the top of the bottle smothering it with carbon dioxide .

After that I did the dancing raisins that did nothing whatsoever I seriously thought that something would happen they did not dance at all.

For the final experiment I did the incredible hoop glider i was given a straw and a piece of cut up paper and made a circle out of one of the piece of paper and a bigger circle  out of  the piece of paper lef.t I taped them on the straw and i was done. It works because the pressure of the air whizzing through the paper pushed it up we call this aerodynamics.

Coke Explosion! Science Experiment Recount by Brittany G

I was sitting in the garden., waiting for my sisters to come and bring the coke out, and my brother to bring the mentos to the garden as well.
I jumped off the ground and waited for them to come through.
Then..A figure emerged behind the gate, clicking sounds from the lock being un-hooked.When the lock was un-latched, my sister and brother came walking through.My eldest sister, Hilary, cracked open the bottle of coke, setting it down onto the grass.Then, Ethan, my second eldest brother had opened up the pack of mentos.

I jumped up and down enthusiastically, my brother hands me the mentos, I held one in my hand.I shouted at them to stand away and they slowly walked backward, away from the bottle.Quickly, I had thrown the mentos inside the bottle, the reaction was taking place already.

I had figured out that in my case, the reaction was called Nucleation, in which the carbon-dioxide inside the coca cola or in all fizzy drinks are attracted to mentos, It creates too much pressure within the bottle, so because of gravitational force and physics,  the soda goes shooting upward and rockets into the sky.

After, I ran away hurriedly, behind me the carbon dioxide slowly bubbled upward.Foam bubbled from the top of the bottle, it shot up quickly straight up into the sky.
I just sat and watched in awe while watching the drink slowly fall to the ground in splats.

I had loved the day and it seemed that there was to be more in store for me.

Mad Science By Elijah

TITLE:  Mad science

Mad Science
It was around midday, me and my friend Dylan or also known as Dk Plays YT (go and subscribe to his channel). We were sitting on the mat with the rest of the hub waiting for our teacher. I was reading the Science experiments up on the board. The first one was the fizz inflator, the next one was Dancing raisins "I wonder what that is", I thought. The last on was the Supa Dupa Lupa!!!!! I was most looking forward to was the fizz inflator. Finally the teachers came and instructed us to go to certain places in the hub. We went to the lino first to do the fizz inflator.

We all found a seat and opened our chromebooks and looked for the heading Fizz Inflator In a doc. Dylan said I would take notes and he would write down the ingredients, hypothesis and instructions. Mrs parker (our favorite teacher) started explaining chemistry formulas or symbols, H2O and lots of other symbols. She explained how yeast needs sugar to feed on.

Once she'd explained everything she showed us the first experiment. First she added a bit of water and sugar. Then She poured in a spoonful of yeast. She quickly put a balloon over the top of the bottle. We were surprised It didn't explode. Dylan immediately put his hand up and asked why it didn't explode. Mrs parker said "It didn't do anything because the yeast needs time to eat the sugar so eventually the balloon will blow up", Mrs Parker explained. "The balloon should be pretty big at lunch", She said.

Now it was time for the next experiment. This one Mrs Parker had another bottle. She filled it with vinegar. She grabbed up the balloon and filled it with baking soda. This time we were really wondering how this would react. We both had experience with volcanos when we were in kindergarten so we had a bad feeling about this. She tightened the balloon onto the top of the bottle. Then she suddenly tipped it so the baking soda fell into the vinegar. Mrs Parker was holding on to the balloon very tight so it didn't fly off. Amazingly the balloon started to blow itself up. It started to fizz up like a fizzy drink after it had been shaken.

We wondered why. Mrs Parker started to explain how the baking soda reacted when it was poured into the vinegar. Finally it was time to go onto the next experiment. It sounded really cool. It was called Dancing raisins. Dylan and I walked excitedly over to where that experiment would be performed. Mr Stuart explained the instructions even though we had already read it. We wondered what would happen. We were using soda water, raisins and a transparent plastic cup. We got on with the experiment.
We got some soda water from mr stuart and went off to our table. We made predictions on what was going to happen. "I think the raisins will jump out of the cup", I said. We kept on talking. Finally Mr Stuart came round with some raisins. We grabbed 5 or 6 each and threw them in the cup. It got a bit fizzy, but luckily it didn't spill.The raisins had air bubbles all over them. Then suddenly 3 of them floated up to the top, they stayed there for 15 seconds then floated back down. It happened about 5 times over 1 minute and 30 seconds. Mr Stuart came round and gave our cup a flick. He said it might make some more float up, but they only floated back down. The raisins weren't floating up as much now.

Dylan and I were typing down notes rapidly. We didn't know why were floating yet. It was time to go down to the mat so Mr Stuart could explain why the raisins reacted like that. I think it was because when the raisins get tipped into the water they float to the bottom, then all the bubbles in the cup cling onto the raisins. The bubbles lift the raisin up to the top. The raisin floats up. The bubbles keep it up for a bit then pop. The gives the raisin back its weight and floats back down to the bottom. Now it was time to go onto the next experiment. We walked to the next experiment, our heads bulging with knowledge.

This was Whaea Nins experiment. It was the amazing hoop glider. Whaea Nin explained what to do. She explained how the physics worked. Finally we got started. She roughly cut us 1 big piece of paper. We had a choice of hot glue or tape. I chose tape. I thought it was the easiest. I made a circle. Then we did the same thing except smaller. We put a straw through then threw it. It flew really well. Then we tidied up.

This was an awesome school day. I learnt loads. My favorite thing was the fizz inflator. I was really suprised it didn't explode and I wondered if You could put much more in and make an explosion.

Jensen's recount of Science Week Activities

On Tuesday 17th of may 2016  my class hub 8 had Science Week

My favourite thing that we did in my class was the dancing raisins. They were very cool.
First,   Mr Stuart told us what we needed was sparkling water and some raisins.  It was not much but it was what we needed for the experiment to work . so, after about seven minutes the raisins  had started to go up and down so it cida looked like they were dancing it was super funny. Mr stuart told us that what happens with the raisins is they collet air in the soda and then when they go to the surface then they lose their air and go back to the bottom and this happens a lot after a while. At the end i learned a new experiment that was super awesome and super funny. Science week was amazingly cool.       

Science Week Recount by Aashna

That was the plan and this is the real recount.

Dancing Raisins
On the 17th of May 2016, Hub 8 were doing science experiments because it was science week. We did this experiment called dancing raisins with Mr Stuart. I was very curious on finding out what will happen at the dancing raisins experiment.  

For that experiment we needed: soda/lemonade, a transparent cup and 6 or 7 raisins. We used soda. All of us got into groups of two or three so we could share a cup. I was in a group of two with Vera.

First, Mr Stuart poured the cup full with soda water and Vera and I watched the cup as the bubbles from the soda fizzed up immediately. Then Mr Stuart gave us about 6 raisins, Vera and I split the raisins evenly between ourselves so Vera dropped 3 raisins in the cup and I put 3 in too.

Then we kept on watching the raisins that were in the cup. The raisins did not move that much, it was still sinking in the bottom of the cup. After a few minutes, some raisins raised to the top of the cup then sank back to the bottom again.

Mr Stuart came to us again and explained to us why the raisins were raising to the top of the cup, he told us that the bubbles from the soda were sticking to the raisins and pulling it up but then the bubbles reacted and popped so the raisins sink back down. Then he suggested that maybe this experiment would work better if we used lemonade instead of soda.

I really enjoyed the dancing raisins science experiment because I learned heaps of knowledge. I found the experiment very exciting because I never thought that the bubbles from the soda would stick on the raisins and then pull it up. That is how we did the dancing raisins experiment.

By: Aashna

Science Week Recount - Vera

This week Mrs Parkers literacy group have been learning how to write a recount, so we decided to write a recount about our science experiments that we did. (It was SCIENCE WEEK!) I hope you enjoy my writing!

The Dancing Raisins

On the 17th of may 2016 hub 8 learners decided to try some science experiments because it was SCIENCE WEEK! I was so excited to try out the science experiments that was planned for us. One of the experiments was called the Dancing raisins it sounded really cool and fun.

The ingredients for this experiment was really simple and I could even do it at home, it was only lemonade or soda water and some raisins, with a cup. I wondered how it would make the raisins dance? The ingredients made me really curious about this experiment.

Before the experiment, we predicted that the raisins will dance and float above the water. I predicted this because I know that soda is fizzy and maybe the fizz would make the raisins float and dance in the water, and because of it's name ( Dancing raisins ).

The first thing I did was pouring the soda/lemonade into the cup and add some raisins. When I put the ingredients into the cup, I was asking myself if the raisins would even dance? What actually made the raisins move?

I had a lot of questions bursting into my mind, I really wanted to know answers for all of my questions. Maybe it was just me but I thought that it was sure kind of boring when you had to sit their and watch the raisins, It was really weird because the raisins weren't moving they were just lying on the bottom of the cup, I started wondering if we did something wrong or if the name was called wrong? Just then when we were going to give up hope some of the raisins floated up onto the water and then went back down, as if it was dancing!

I was really confused of how the raisins floated up but then went straight down again? We continued on looking at the cup of dancing raisins and we saw that bubbles were starting to form and stick onto the raisins maybe the bubbles were what the things that make the raisins float, but then why does the raisins drop down once they floated to the top? Mr Stuart told us that the reason why the raisins will drop down is because once the bubbles reach the top they will automatically pop and then the raisin will have to much weight to float and drop down. But their was one question that everyone had how did the bubbles even stick onto the raisins? Nobody had the answer for that one.
I learned that the raisins were to heavy to float but the soda's bubble are light enough to make the raisins float up. From my estimate I learned that there's lot of learning behind a science experiment. I also had a lot of fun doing this experiment.  I would definitely do this experiment again!

                                                    The End
Your Sincerely

 Vera  J

Science Day by Dylan K

Science Day
It was a sunny day and I was about to have the one of the most exciting day at school this year. I was in our hub with the rest of the classmates and teachers. The teachers announced that in literacy we were going to have a science day with three rotations with three different teachers. I was waiting for this to happen and it finally did.

The first rotation was taken by Mrs Parker. She was doing the fizz inflator. I had no idea what it was about but when we arrived, the materials she had on the bench top got me excited. She had a massive board explaining science formulas like vinegar which is known as CH³COOH and baking soda known as Sodium Bicarbonate which is known as  NaHCO³. She told us that these were called formulas and that you learn more in high school if you study chemistry

The first experiment used the materials yeast, sugar, pump bottle, hot water, baking soda and a balloon. She first put yeast into the bottle and poured some sugar into the bottle. She explained how yeast is a living substance and needs to feed on sugar so it can live.  She said how if you make bread you might put sugar into it. When you pour the yeast in it starts to eat the sugar making the bread rise. After putting the yeast in she put baking soda  which really interested me and Elijah(my good good good friend). We wondered why she put it in but we just wrote it down on our observation sheet. Then she poured hot water in the bottle and put a balloon on the bottle and said in a few hours to come back and the balloon should have inflated and the yeast should have gotten larger.

The second experiment she was showing us was a simple but crazy one. She used CH³COOH(vinegar), NaHCO³(Sodium Bicarbonate known as baking soda), empty pepsi bottle and a balloon. She poured the baking soda into the balloon and poured half a bottle of vinegar into the bottle. Then she stuck the balloon to the bottle and in 2 milliseconds the reaction had so much pressure the balloon inflated all of the way. We thought that it was going to explode but the reaction quickly calmed down. The balloon stayed inflated because of all the air that the vinegar and baking soda created when they reacted. Everyone including epic Elijah took pictures of the inflated balloon but I stayed back and kept writing observation on my sheet. She said it was time to go and move on to the next experiment which was called the dancing raisins.

Mr Stuart was taking the second experiment called dancing raisins. This was a brand new experiment to me so I didn't what I was up for. I saw plain sparkling water known as soda and 500 packet of raisins. He said how the raisins should bounce up and down and I guess why that's the reason it's called "Dancing raisins." We took this very wet table and had to use 5 paper towels to dry the table. Mr Stuart came around with cups filled with soda and 6 raisins. He said carefully put the raisins in the soda and watch the magic. The instant the raisins dropped in they started fizzing. Mr stuart explained that the raisins get a chemical reaction with soda which generates bubbles and floats the raisins. I then made a discovery.

The soda is filled with bubbles which are made from oxygen. The raisins sink down to the bottom of the cup but the oxygen bubbles get stuck on to the raisin because of the edges it has. Then the raisin's weight is reduced by the oxygen bubbles and it also lifts the raisin to the surface. Sadly once oxygen bubbles reach the surface they die out and the raisins sinks to the bottom. This repeats till the soda loses its fizz, this takes 5 minutes to happen and when did me and Elijah got really angry but this was a great experiment but it ended really fast. Luckily me and Elijah got the chance to drink the soda water. We filled the cups and on a count of three we gulped the water and the only taste I got was fizzing expired Sprite. It tasted sick and before I knew it Elijah went running into the toilet with his hand on his mouth. Then when he was gone I gobbled the delicious raisins and faked that they fell on the floor but he didn't fall for it. He just kept saying "greedy pants, greedy pants, hahaha." Mr Stuart whistled and told us it was time to move to the next rotation with Whaea Nin called the incredible hoop glider, I couldn't wait.

Whaea Nin was taking the last experiment and it wa.s about the incredible hoop glider.
She gave us two strips of paper. One wide and one slim. She told us that we could either hot glue each strip to make it into a circle. I used the hot glue to make circles but because the paper was so thin I burnt my finger at least 5 times. So I put it on the table and let it rest for 2 min. It was really solid and Whaea Nin instructed us to do it again with the small strip so I repeated the same process this successfully not burning my fingers. Then it was time to add the straw on to the circles. This time everyone was lined up for the hot glue gun so I had to sellotape with Elijah..
I had so many difficulties but I finally finished it. Whaea Nin said that she had a surprise and to meet her on the court with your hoop glider. We got ready to have a race and she said 3 2 1 go and my hoop glider went flying miles backward. Pretty embarrassing right? I picked up my hoop glider and had my lunch.

The Dancing Raisins by Cooper

On the 17th of May 2016 the Whole of Hub 8 did a science literacy day.

The first thing Mrs Parker literacy group did was all walk over quietly to Mr Stuart's area. We all sat down and listened to what we would be doing and how it works. Mr Stuart told us why the raisins would go up and down. He told us that the raisins go up and down because the bubble hold onto the wrinkles lift it up to the top and the bubble pops so then the raisin goes back down. Then Mr stuart explained to us what ingredients we would be needing. You need Soda Water, 7 raisins and a cup to put the ingredients in.

Mr Stuart then told us to get into our groups of 3. The group I was in with was Charlotte, Georgia and myself. We walked over to our table and sat down. Then Charlotte had a idea to make a video about. As soon as Mr Stuart came with the ingredients we needed to do this experiment we turned the camera on and started the video. I poured the soda in the cup and Georgia put in the seven raisins. Then Charlotte told the video what we were going to be doing.

When we put the raisins in the bubbles started to stick to the raasin and start to lift it to the top. We watched the bubbles go to the top and popping and dropping it. We each wrote down what we were seeing. The longer the raisins were in the cup the colors would change and the raisins looked like they getting even more wrinkly. We each took turns showing the camera what was happening in the cup and it was my turn. I picked the cup up and after a couple of minutes no one else wanted to hold it so I was stuck holding it. When I didn't know it all of a sudden I dropped the cup. When I dropped I quickly ran to get the paper towels and quickly wiped the table. When I was finished cleaning the mess up, Me and Charlotte quickly on the computer to see if the video but it wasn't. We were really disappointed but we were fine.

That was one of the coolest experiments ever. It was cool learning about why and how the raisins were going to float. It was funny how I dropped the cup. I had a really fun time.
By : Cooper

Pativai's Awesome Science Week

On the 17th of may in hub 8, all of hub 8 did science experiments cause of science week. We all rotated around going with our reading teachers first, then going on to the next experiment. We got to do three different experiments that I couldn't wait to do.

I went with Miss Parker first my literacy teacher and we did a fun experiment called the fizz inflator. First Miss Parker showed us what some of the ingredients were if you were doing biology for example, h2o was water and carbon dioxide was gas.

For our first fizz inflator bottle we put yeast h2o and sugar and we did that in a different bottle. We put an balloon on top to see if it was inflating to make the balloon go up. Miss Parker told us that we put the sugar in because the yeast needs to eat on something.

In the other bottle we put baking soda in the balloon we put vinegar in the bottle, then we put the balloon on and it reacted so quickly. I got to see the balloon fill up with air so quickly. I was wondering if you put in another ingredient would it still fizz up.

I thought that the way that it fizzed up was because of the ingredients inside of the baking soda and the vinegar then the, baking soda and vinegar combined it can cause a fizz and since we put an balloon on top trapping it, inside it filled the balloon.

I went to my second rotation this one was with  Mr Stuart he was doing dancing raisins. We first sat down and did a prediction before we got to the real experiment. My prediction was that the bubbles from the soda water would have some kind of reaction to the raisins. Since raisins are a solid and soda water is liquid it could do something to make the raisins float and sink.

I did my experiment with Faith and Shanya. We poured some soda water in the cup the we popped some raisins in. First the raisins floated then they sunk, we waited for quite a while and they started to go to the top. The raisins were kind of connected to the bubbles and I thought that the bubbles caused it to go up and down.

I moved onto my last rotation with Whaea Nin, she was doing the super duper hooper loopers. It was a kind of airplane that could fly really far and we also had a example and it flew really far. First we took an long piece strip of paper then glued it so the two end connected. We also did the same to small strip of paper. We glued it onto an straw with the hoops at each end of the straw.

The excitement of science was really fun, the super duper loopers was my favourite part even understanding why it flyed so far. The dancing raisin was fun to look at as it bounced like on an trampoline and the and the fizz inflator it just blew straight up by adding in one other ingredient it was really fun to experiment all of them.

Georgia's Recount about Science Week


Awesome Science!    

On 17th of May in hub 8 the whole hub did three different science experiments, one with each teacher. We were doing science because it was national science week.

The first experiment that I did was the Fizz Inflator with Mrs Parker, the title really grabbed me and I was so excited to do it. When we all got there we we started talking about H20 which is water and talked about other things like CO2.

So after that we actually started the experiment. First we talked about the ingredients. The ingredients were baking soda, vinegar , balloon  and a empty bottle. First Mrs Parker put some baking soda in the balloon, then Mrs Parker poured some vinegar in the bottle. Then she quickly put the balloon on top, then suddenly…
"Fizzzz" all the ingredients reacted together and the balloon blew up, straight up, it was so cool.balloon.jpg

After that, we had enough time to do another one which was the yeast one. The ingredients we needed for it was yeast, caster sugar, water , balloon and a empty bottle. Firstly Miss Parker put the yeast then the caster sugar after those Miss Parker put in some water next she put a balloon on top and for this one we had to put next to the window in the sun. A couple minutes later it started inflating a little bit. These experiments were so fun.yest.jpg

Next I went to Mr Stewart and the science experiment that he was doing was called dancing raisins and I was curios about the name, but at the same time I was excited. So when we got to Mr Stewart we talked about what we were going to do.

We got into groups of three or four. My group was Cooper, Charlotte and Me. Mr Stewart gave us all the ingredients the ingredients were Soda/Sparkling Water or Lemonade, a plastic cup and raisins. Cooper , Charlotte and I had an idea, if we video it we could show it on this report so we recorded it on a mac.

We got the soda water and then we put the raisins in and then bouncing up and down and then Cooper showed the camera and then …
" Splash " The water spilt but the raisins stayed in the cup so we all shared them and had a little snack. This experiment was so fun.

Finally we are doing Whaea Nins experiment for Whaea Nins experiment we were doing The Incredible Hoop Glider and I was wondering what that was and then Whaea Nin showed us and it looked weird because it was just a straw and to paper circles attached to it, and apparently it was like a paper plane. Whaea Nin threw it and wow it was so cool I couldn't wait to do it.

So Whaea Nin started to talk about the materials to make The Incredible Hoop Glider and they were Paper , Scissors , A good straw , Sellotape or hot glue.
First, we had to get the paper and cut it into 3cm strips of paper then we and to fold it into a medium circle. Then we had to cut another 3cm strip but this time we folded it into a small circle.

After that some people used Sellotape and some people used Hot Glue to stick the circles onto the straws.
The big circle we have to stick at the back of the straw and at the front of the straw you gotta put the small circle. Stick the circles 2cm apart from the edge.

I loved doing those three science experiments that day and I learnt a thing or two.
My favorite topic was the fizz inflator because it was interesting how it took a long time for the yeast experiment  to  inflate the balloon and for the vinegar experiment it took a very quick time for the balloon to inflate and it made me think and stretched my brain.

By Georgia

Holly's Science Recount

Mind blowing experiments by Faith

This is about our science day on Tuesday 17th May 2016

At first hub 8 had to go to our rotations. My first rotation was in the wet space in hub 8. We learnt about carbon dioxide, the things that you use to make carbon dioxide (which is gas) you will need H2O ( Water ) yeast and baking soda. We used 2 bottles, one with yeast, H20 and sugar. We used them to also create carbon dioxide but with this experiment it only made the balloon inflate a little.

The way we made it was by putting all the ingredients in a bottle and quickly put a balloon on top and you will see that you will create air in your balloon. Choose one of your favourite science experiments. After that we had to rotate to our second rotation. My second rotation was about dancing raisins but the raisins weren't alive and dancing but they were kind of like sizzling.

We used transparent soda/Lemonade. Instead we just used soda water because it was much more cheaper than lemonade or transparent soda. First you had to put your liquid in. Then the next thing you have to do is put your raisins in the cup. If you wait a little bit longer then you would see that the raisins will start fizzing and the bubbles will surround the raisins, if you dip your finger in then the bubbles will surround your finger.

Then we rotated again. Just before my group rotated we drank the soda water. I didn't really like the soda water though. When I went to my last rotation I learnt about a circle plane. It turns out that when they were building planes back in the day they thought of a plane design that had no wings but it had circles on it. The way it worked was that the air in the 2 circles went through the smaller 2 circles causing the plane to keep up and fly straight.

These were the new things that I learnt and they were really fun. I hope that we do more of these experiment soon.

                                    The End

Science week! by Shanya

Mind blowing experiments !

On may the 17th 2016 Tuesday was science day and I was happy! The whole hub got to try out 3 experiments as we rotated around in our literacy groups.

Our first science experiment was the fizz inflator. The fizz inflator was the only one I have seen. We were mainly looking at how it formed, H20 (water) and c02 (Carbon dioxide).  For this project we were in groups of 3.

We used two ingredients which were vinegar and baking soda. We also had 2 objects which were a water bottle and a balloon. When we mixed up the vinegar and baking soda, together we put the balloon on top of the lid and the gas blew up the balloon.
Then the gas started to dissolve and the balloon was beginning to go down.

The second activity we did was the dancing raisins. The dancing raisins activity was easy to make. We were predicting about how it would look like after when we made it. We were in groups of 3 for this project.

For the dancing raisins we used raisins, soda water and a clear cup. When we put in the raisins with the soda water the bubbles started to come to it, then it started to go up and down. After that we got to taste the soda water and the raisins.

Finally our last science experiment was the hoop glider. The hoop glider was what scientist use to predict how planes would look like. The hoop glider can go far away, because when mr Stuart threw his one it nearly got stuck on a gap near the ceiling.

The hoop glider was made out of strong paper, cello tape, hot glue, and  a drinking straw. My hoop glider didn't go that far, because it wasn't even. At the  end we got to have a competition of whose hoop glider would go the furthest. That was our last science experiment.

I thought that the dancing raisins would jump out of the cup and repeat  itself.  I felt really excited in the beginning to the end.

Recount of our trip to the wetlands- by Isaac

Checklist for recount writing

Are the events in time order?

Is it written in past tense?

Is it in first or third person?

Does it use time linking words (Yesterday, later, after, etc)?

Is the last line linked to the introduction? ie. does it have a strong conclusion.

Austen's science week

A day of science

It was a Tuesday morning in the  middle Block and we got told today we were going to be doing some science experiments. Then the teachers asked "Who wants to be a scientist?" My hand shot up at 100 KPH. Then they asked us "What type of Science do you want to study?" I answered "Biology, Zoology and Chemistry. Then we began our experiments.

 A few minutes later we began to start the experiments. We started with the experiment Fizz inflator. The ingredients were empty water bottles, vinegar, balloons baking soda, sugar and yeast. To do the experiment first we poured the vinegar into an empty water bottle. Then we stretched the balloon we had, and filled it with a teaspoon of baking soda. Next we carefully attached the neck of the balloon to the neck of the bottle of water. Finally we watched as the chemical reactions and the forces make the vinegar rise and it looked like an eruption and it inflated the balloon, while it also looked quite fizzy. We took a bit of photos and then moved on to our next experiment.

The next experiment we did was dancing raisins. The ingredients were soda, plastic cups and a few raisins. First you pour the soda into the plastic cup. Then we put 6-8 raisins in  the soda. Next they started coming up and down in the cup for a little before they stopped, we also had to record them here's what I wrote: The raisins  were moving up with the carbon-dioxide of the bubbles and when they reached the top the bubbles went down. But they did not do that that well I described them as "They are drowning like old people." We also pretended  that they were on 'Raisins got talent'.  After that we got to drink the soda and eat the raisins.

Then we went on to our final activity the incredible hoop glider. First we had to observe the design and the things the features of the design model plane.I got to help Whea Nin cut the paper strips for the hoops. First we had five minutes to make a small hoop. Then we had five minutes to make a bigger hoop and then we had 10 minutes to put the two hoops onto a straw, it felt like forever but finally we did it. Then we went outside to race them it wasn't easy to see who won, but it I think I came around 6-8 place so I did pretty well.

The fizz inflator, By Sophie

The fizz inflator

This week was New Zealand Science Week so our hub did a three experiments on the 17th of may. They were all very fun.

One of the first experiments was called the fizz inflator. For the fizz inflator, we used, Baking soda, Vinegar, an empty bottle and a balloon.  

Firstly, we put the vinegar into the empty bottle. Did you know that vinegar can be used for a range of useful jobs, eg, make flowers last longer(vinegar prevents bacteria growing), wash away stains, etc. Anyway, next we poured the baking soda in the balloon. That was so the we could place the balloon on in time.

Afterwards, we had to place the balloon on the bottle. We tipped the baking soda into the bottle ( it's in the balloon already, remember). When the baking soda got tipped in, the mixture started to bubble immediatly.It was called a chemical reaction.The mixture then inflated the balloon up. It was because the mixture created carbon dioxide(gas/C02) which inflates the balloon.Baking soda actually makes a lot of food rise,eg., bread, scones, etc.

This experiment was really fun. I learnt a lot about science in this activity and I would definitely recommend you to try it if you want to learn more about science!

Monday, 23 May 2016

Weekend update! Cultural Dance Performance

Ashikka and Mugdha (and Mehek from Hub 9) were involved in a Cultural Dance Performance during the weekend. They have been learning an Indian Classical Dance called Bharata Natyam. The performance which they did was their second production of their learning and it was based on Tamil Epic that was written by the Tamil poet Kamban during the 12th century popularly referred to as Kamba RamayanamHere are some pictures of their production - don't they look amazing!

Below is a picture of the first production which took place in February. 

We're going on a field trip!

Some of the learners from Hub 8 wrote this wonderful letter to ask for permission for a field trip we are planning for our concept learning. It's an awesome sample of collaborative persuasive letter writing.

23 May 2016

Dear Miss Martin,

We are writing to you because we need permission to go to Mission Bay on the 9th of June 2016.

We chose as a hub that collaboration is the learner quality  that we need to work on the most. Then we looked at a range of places and Mission Bay had most the votes, so we decided that we would go to Mission Bay.
The trip is for our concept learning and we believe this trip will strengthen our ability to work collaboratively within a group of people who we usually don't work with. It will also construct new relationships with our fellow classmates.

We are currently collaboratively working on the E.O.T.C, R.A.M’s and the organisation of the transport to Mission Bay, including plan and lastly, a race in the fountain with our mini wakas. We had built these mini-wakas for this specific reason for our concept learning as well.

The things we did to plan to go to Mission Bay were that we had to make a healthy lunch and  decided on what collaborative games we were going to play. Also we went on a  preparational trip to the Wetlands so we know what to expect, here we had practiced playing our own collaborative games.

Once we have your approval we will write and send letters to the parents to inform them of the coming trip. We are really looking forward to getting permission to go to Mission Bay. This will be such a great learning opportunity.

Yours sincerely,

Learning Hub 8.

(Written by Shanya, Austen, Carmen, Brittany and Isaac)