Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Should we be allowed to vote for our next prime minister?

After a big debate it appears hub 8 believe we should put our trust in the National Party they know how to pick a leader for NZ.

Sunday, 4 December 2016

James Travel Wise Wirting

Funky Heels and wheels       Parade  
On Tuesday October, around 9:15pm we had the world's amazing parade we ever had it was on 29 october in 9:15pm where we get to see people Decorated their bikes, scooters, skateboards, their feet, shoes and lots but not least is hoverboards!!!.

First it was just a normal learning in 9:00pm and we were doing maths first, after 15 minutes we put all of our math equipment's all of the students from different hubs was going to the field.we sit in a U shape with a lot of students and after that police arrived there were 2 undercover cops car, 1 sedan Police Car, 1 Motorcycle Police and 2 unity cop cars.

After that we first saw was a dog that is a german shepherd from germany and it is black you can train it very easily and also it is a cool dog so this, dog we saw is a police dog,second dog we saw is another dog that is german shepherd but it is white and it can attack you so we saw a police person who had some armor in his arms to protect him from getting hurt.We get to see a dog biting a person it was scary but it was cool.

Next we all backoff and going back and we got to our position about 3 minutes we saw a chopper or helicopter and it landed in the field.We get to see a ploit and others and when we are sitting we have our answers question from the ploit and when we get the right answers we get to use, the ploit helmet and go inside the chopper or helicopter and after that the ploit got backed and others in the chopper or helicopter and they leaved
What i liked about this day is that we got to see a helicopter and landed and i always wonder why heilcopter need guns.


The Funky Wheels and Heels parade

Funky Wheels and  Heels 💗!!parade!!😜
On tuesday week 8, We had the Funky wheels and heels parade and we had to have shoes that had cool looking Decorations or have a Scooter / bike with the same thing because this was the Funky parade.
First we got to walk out onto the Fields then we saw the Police come in with cars and also dogs that are inside. The first dog came out and The policeman told us all of the things special about the dog and then showed us the dog sniffing for keys and other things and the next dog came out and was trying to bite a decoy that was a man with red sleeves and the dog ran after him and then one big bite to the arm but it did not hurt so then more happened.

Next a helicopter came down from the sky and then they lowered the aircraft and then out came the pilots and they were also wearing Helmets and then we talked all about the helicopter and then they took off into the sky. Then we had the parade and we had to walk on a table for the people that had heels and the people that had scooter and bikes had to wait. I went on the table and I felt really Nervous because my shoes weren't as good as everyone else's but I walked any way then we kept on doing it till the end.
We had a lot of fun during the Parade seeing all of the cool looking Shoes and Wheels and they were really fun looking. We enjoyed it alot and we hope we have something else really fun like this.

😵The End😭

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Our Haiku Poems

Whaea Nin's Literacy group have been learning about poetry. 
To create these Haiku poems we needed to think really creatively and learn all about syllables! 

Our Haiku Poems

Whaea Nin's Literacy group have been learning about poetry. 
To create these Haiku poems we needed to think really creatively and learn all about syllables! 

Our Haiku Poems

Whaea Nin's Literacy group have been learning about poetry. 
To create these Haiku poems we needed to think really creatively and learn all about syllables! 

The Wonderful Hub 8

On Friday we had a special Travelwise Mufti day. This meant we were challenged to wear traffic light colours to raise awareness about safe travel to and from school.

Here's some fantastic pictures of the hub dressed in our theme.

Also, well done to the following learners who represented the hub in assembly and presented their play to the entire school at assembly. They even remembered ALL of their lines! Fantastic work team.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Manaiakalani Film Festival 2016: Mad Science

Have you ever wanted a day off school, but you're not actually sick?

Well our mad scientist may have found the perfect solution for you... just remember DO NOT GET CAUGHT.....

This is our 2016 Manaiakalani Film Festival entry, we were a little in the learning pit about how we could do some of the effects, but thanks to the magic of green screen we were successful.

Friday, 4 November 2016

Art Inspritation

White Paper sculpture challenge

You may work with a partner or by yourself on this challenge.

1 x square piece of paper (to make the box)
As many white strips of white paper as you like
Glue sticks
Hot glue gun if you want to use

Step 1:
Create a box following this tutorial

Step 2:
Using the strips of white paper, create a sculptural piece of art inside the box.
Think of using the paper in different ways to make it look interesting (cut, fold, tear, curl, feather etc).
Glue these into your box to be displayed on the wall - so make sure they are glued in well and won’t fall out!

Have fun!

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Christian's stained glass window

Lately in maths,  Mrs Parker's maths we have been given a template of a colourless stained glass window and told to design a pattern along with the colours within the shapes to show our knowledge of fractions, geometry and measurement.

Christian's stained glass window

Lately in maths,  Mrs Parker's maths we have been given a template of a colourless stained glass window and told to design a pattern along with the colours within the shapes to show our knowledge of fractions, geometry and measurement.

Christian's stained glass window

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Georgia's Stained Glass

Lately in Mrs Parker's maths group we have been learning about fractions , measurements and geometry. Now we are putting what we've learn't to the test and making a stained glass window and we have to write and see if it has fractions , geometry and measurement. Hope you like it.   

My Stained Glass Window: By Dylan K

Christian's stained glass window


Vera's Stained glass window

​In maths we have been learning a lot about fractions, geometry and measurement to apply our understanding we got to make and decorate our own stained glass window.​


Holly's Stained Glass Window ~ For Math

This random block of blur is a stained glass window it has different kinds of measurements and though !

Cybersmart Netiquette - By Elijah

For cybersmart we have been learning what Netiquette means. We have made some rules for our hub. Here are mine.

Stained Glass Window By Amy

​​For the last few teams we have been working on geometry. We have improved your skill on translating and rotating using your body's.Today we finally applied our skills by creating a stain glass window.We have built our knowledge on translation and rotation and our measurement and fractions then we made meaning and then we applied our knowledge on this stained glass window by justifying our design. 

Sukhpreet's stained glass window

This is a stained glass window that we designed we had to figure out the fractions and the perimeter and the geometry of all the shapes of our stain glass window we designed. - Sukhpreet

Stained glass window by Maddy

For the past few terms we have been working on geometry, fractions, rotation, translation, reflection. This term we got to show what we have learnt by using the staid glass window. When I did this it felt really challenging because the measurement was hard because I am not really good at it. This is my one I did.   

Stained Glass Window by Ashleigh

Stained glass window By: Shanya

Mrs. Parker's group has been making stained glass windows. We had to explain what we have put in for the fraction, geometry and measurement. The thing that challenged me was to explain measurement. I found that geometry was easy for me to explain. Here is my stained glass window🏡

my stained glass window

I loved the stained glass window was super fun math's challenge for me. I found thing's exciting and boring and also some easy the boring part was fractions the easiest was the fractions. The hardest was measurement but it was boring as well so that made it a challenge but not a maths one but a mental challenge to me  staying focus is hard. But I overcame the challenge so now I have finished I feel much better and I have learnt a lot from this .``

Mugdha's Stained Glass Window

This term we have been learning about Geometry, Fraction and Measurement. This week we have been learning about the Stained Glass Window.This is my Stained Glass Window and it was really challenging that I needed help from other people.This activity stretched me.

Stained glass windows, By Sophie

For math, we have been learning about geometry, measurement and fractions. To round it all up, Mrs Parker set us an activity called Stained glass windows. It's where you make a pattern design in a google drawing. On the sides are the boxes labeled Fractions, Geometry and Measurement. You have to write stuff about your stained glass window in the boxes.  

James_Stained Glass Window

Monday, 19 September 2016

Patrick's Stained Glass window

 I was doing the window glass and it was a hard and when I tried it was not that hard.

Leila's Stained Glass Window

Stained Glass Window, By Brittany.

For some time, Mrs Parker's numeracy group has been learning about geometry, measurement and fractions, so to show what we have learnt in the past term, our teacher has created a challenge of sorts.
We had to create a stained glass window and then after, explain the measurements, the geometry and fractions for our stained glass window.
Here's mine, enjoy!

Glass stained window by Rachel

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Stained Glass Window's - By Elijah

For the past few terms we have been working on geometry, measurement and fractions. We got to show what we learn't on this stained glass window. We made our own shapes and made connections with fractions, geometry and measurement to show our knowledge. When I did this, I felt very challenged.  

Should we be eating Insects? By Amelie

People should include insects in their healthy diet.

If you have the choice to eat Insects/bugs would you eat them? Are you one of those people that ignore thinking of eating Insects or just ignore eating them in general if you're given them to eat. Or do you enjoy eating them.

Many people automatically gross out to the thought of eating insects, thinking of the legs, arms and heads plus some other parts of the body makes some people refuse to eat these insects , miniature  and crunchy, it actually doesn't matter if you eat them or not. Other people think YUCK, Slimy and crunchy, they are so gross. Many people think 'Gross' but in my POV (Point Of View) Should the whole world be eating insects? Yes I think we could give it a try it can be a new thing that we love or like, so anyway here are my reasons.

You may think you have never had a Insect to eat but you may be thinking wrong.. Around some of the world you may be eating cricket flour.. I know some of you right now might just be saying "EWWWWWWWWWwww that so gross." but just keep reading this I bet you'll find some new information, Also cricket flour is a very high protein recipe and is good if you are in need of some protein (well we all are aren't we), if you compare how edible a cricket is to a chicken and a cow 80% of the cricket is actually edible you may think no but compared to a chicken they are only 50% edible and even further down it comes to cows, sadly for some meat lovers they are only 40% edible... (When you think this you may say but when I buy it I eat all of it from the package,well the people who give you the food actually take out all of the yucky stuff so you don't need to eat it). To make one kg of meat from a cow it takes 22000L of water 'WOW' thats alot of water, but also for pig/pork it takes 3500L then you get down to one kg of chickens and it takes 2300L last of all you may or may not be thinking about crickets... well they only take 1L of water, So by harvesting them you can save a lot of water for people to drink, and so there may be a fair chance you're eating CRICKETS RIGHT NOW!! Yea yea I know I said crickets. But it's not like we have never tasted Insects before, For every 100g of spinach you eat holds at least 50 microscopic Insects!

But it's not so bad eating Insects because Insects are really healthy because they contain a lot of protein, fibre and nutrients like Iron and Zinc!

The reason we reject eating Insects is because of history, even though some like them.. Other people are disgusted here is the story of why people don't like them. Its started in the Fertile Crescent around 10,000 BC it's a place in the middle east mainly where some people's ancestors were living awhile ago they had started to settle there, they had learned to do farming and learned how to domesticate animals over there in the Fertile Crescent. Their attitudes had changed during those years avoiding eating Insects just to live on meat.

Though many people couldn't imagine eating Insects, they contain a lot of protein which is REALLY IMPORTANT because hair and nails are mostly made of protein and protein is important to build bones, muscles, skin and blood. Due to their high protein content there is a market for Insects to be used as an Ingredient within foods, for example protein bars and shakes. Insects are really important because livestock won't be there for us for generations to come.

So who's up for THE CHALLENGE stick that bug in your mouth and save the planet😁!

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

People should eat Bugs

Yes i agree that people should eat bugs because they use less space, than farming, they are healthier and they produce less pollution.

It would be good for the earth because right now We humans eat more meat than most food and soon we might run out of meat and it takes more space for a farm of Cows,chickens and pigs.but if we start to eat bugs instead of meat it would help lots of things in the world and the environment.  

Now it  might seem wired when you think about it ,like most people don't eat bugs, to us it's not normal but to some people it is super delicious,But the reason we're talking about this is because bugs are a lot healthier than meat also if keep our farms we might run out of space for people to have a house anthorn reason is if we keep  the cows they can pollution there surroundings because when they eat the grass all the good stuff in the grass stays in there body and then when they take a p** all the stuff turns into stuff that can kill the surroundings.But  the cool thing about the bugs is that the ones that you can eat can help the environment and it there farms take up less space.

So yes i think people should bugs.
By Jensen L

​This is the space of the farms

Should we eat bug's? by Charlotte

Persuasive writing

I strongly disagree that we should not eat bugs because they are cruel and dirty also they can diseases you will never know if it's dirty or not.

Around the world people eat bug some people find it disgusting and some people find it yum some bugs can lay eggs but you don't know you can find them in lettuce and eggplant you never know other bugs can be dangerous.

Also bugs have bacteria. The ground is a dirty place and they go through drains drains are more dirty. Bugs' crawl around anywhere. They can carry diseases which is bad. They can be also be found in sand pit grass and cobwebs. Bugs' crawl around anywhere

Bugs are like us but just small they have families. Some bugs get taken away from their family.
Imagine us as a small creature and taken away from our family and cooked.

Bugs are like us but small bugs crawl around the ground where people spit their gum. Bugs suck anything on the ground.  

By: Charlotte

People should include insects in their healthy diet - Vera

In literacy we have been writing about if people should include insects in their healthy diet, here is my opinion.
People should include insects in their healthy diet.

I strongly believe that people should include insects in their healthy diet. When you think about it seems gross and weird, but aren't you curious of what an insect could taste like? Countries like Thailand, Mexico, China, Brazil, Australia, Japan, The Netherlands, Vietnam etc consider insects in their healthy diet. Insects are healthy, nutritionist and a lot of insects taste like our everyday food.

A lot of people who have tasted insects say that insects taste really yum, tiny scorpions could taste a lot like Beef jerky, giant water bugs can taste like salted banana, Tarantulas tastes like how you would expect a bug to tastes like but the legs taste a bit like chicken wings! Giant crickets tastes like nutty chicken, Sago grub tastes kind of like bacon, Grasshopper tastes like peanut chicken, Crickets taste like popcorn, mealworms taste like roasted nuts, Lemon ants eaten raw taste really sour, stink bugs stink a lot but taste slightly like apples, locus taste similar to shrimp.

Most people have tried peanut butter, and some of the peanut butter in U.S.A contain some insects such as crickets. Most red candies such as skittles can contain crushed abdomens from female, beetle-like african insects! Other lollies or candies such as jelly beans can also contain insects to make the colour really bright and vibrant. Did you know that up to eight bug parts are legally allowed in each chocolate bar, believe it or not some cereals and broccoli can contain insects inside it too. You will eat over 70 insects and 10 spiders while you sleep in your lifetime.

Insects can use 1 L of water to grow and cows, chickens, pigs use more than 100 L of water to grow. Insect also eat less food to grow, than other animals. Insects are easy to live and farm most families can afford it. Farming Insects can take less space to grow, than animals and can keep our environment nice and tidy.

Insects look way healthier and nutritious than you think. Most Insects in the world contains vitamins, minerals, protein, fibre, fat, iron etc. Did you know that some meat and vegetables have less nutritious than insects? A small serve of crickets has more protein than the same serve of beef.

So try get a insect fry it cook or eat raw and discover what it taste like!

By Vera

Charlies Bug Persuasive Writing

This activity was about persuasive text. We have to write our point of view here is mine. This piece was about if we should or should not eat bugs in our diet.   point of view - I think we should eat bugs

Why people should eat insects

You might look at bugs and scream, especially if you see one in your food, but actually around 2 billion people eat bugs. Mostly people from poor countries, and some cultures eat bugs for all meals! I Think that eating bugs is a good idea because it is way healthier than livestock, it is really cheap to farm or even free, and it causes less greenhouse gases than farming meat!

Firstly farming bugs is very cheap because it take 22000 Liters of water to farm 1 kilogram of Beef ,  3500  Liters of water to farm 1 kilogram of pork, 2300 liters of water to farm 1 kilogram g of chicken and It takes 1 liter of water to farm 1 kilogram of cricket. Secondly Bugs are a lot more edible then chicken of beef. You can eat 80% of a bugs while you can eat 50% of a chicken and 40% of cow, and guess what it takes 200 square meters to grow 1 pound of beef and it only takes 15 square meters to grow 1 pound of cricket.
Now if you compare 100g of cricket compared to 100gs of meatScreenshot 2016-09-13 at 12.23.05 PM.png     you might  find that they have almost the exact amount of protein in each of them . Also crickets contains a lot of vitamins and minerals like calcium,  zinc and iron Screenshot 2016-09-13 at 12.39.21 PM.png        

Also similar the ,mealworm contains mostly fibre as well.
Screenshot 2016-09-13 at 12.39.11 PM.png

Cricket is and lots of other bugs are also good to eat because of the greenhouse gases. When farming cows there are lots of greenhouse gases.greenhouse gases are caused when the cows fart. Also bugs don't fart or maybe only a little bit .   

Should people include insects in their healthy diet?

Should people include insects in their healthy diet?

I strongly believe that insects should be in our healthy diet. I mean why not?
Even though insects look disgusting if you try it you might have different thoughts about it. Insects are good because it doesn't cost lots to harvest.

Firstly, if you do not think you would like any insects, then believe it or not but lots of insects taste like other food, like crickets taste like popcorn, mealworms taste like roasted peanuts, scorpions taste like beef jerky, Tarantula legs taste like chicken wings and Sago Grub taste like bacon!

Secondly, if you don't like the taste of the insects look up recipes on google and maybe it will taste better. You can cook insects differently, you can fry them, freeze them and you can make them into powder.

Thirdly, insects are really good for you! Most insects like crickets have more Vitamins, Minerals and Protein than most animals like chicken, pig and cow. 100 grams of crickets contains 121 calories. Which only 49.5 calories come from fat. Insects are also loaded with iron, vitamins B1 and B3.

I hope that you changed your mind into eating insects. I really think that if you try it you might like it!

By: Aashna

Should we all be eating insects? By Sophie

Should we be eating insects? By Brittany

This week, Mrs Parker's literacy group has been learning about persuasive writing, and strangely, she has made us write about eating insects!
I bet your thinking, 'Yuck!' or something like that, but it is an interesting topic!
First we had to watch videos about eating insects and see if perhaps we could find our own side in this small argument, and I unlike some others in my group has chosen to maybe give eating insects a chance.
If you, like me before I learnt more about the topic was grossed out, perhaps I could change your mind..

Should we be eating insects?

For some of us, bugs are pests, creatures that ruin our crops and annoy us at times, not many of us might think it but people all over the world eat bugs! Disgusting? Thought so. But not for me, I for one think that we probably should eat bugs! Yes, I know it's disgusting and you might be saying yuck on the other side of the screen, but I truly think so, they are nutritious, inexpensive to farm and also take a ton less water than cows, sheep, chickens and pigs, and when I say that I mean it literally.You may be wondering, what kind of mad cuckoo person am I? But I do have reasons for my perspective in this side of the argument and I do swear, I'm being completely reasonable here.

Healthy, not so disgusting!
My first and the most stupid and craziest of all my reasons are because they are nutritious, having even more vitamins, minerals and even irons than beef! You may be thinking I'm probably lying, if I wasn't everyone in the world would be eating bugs right now! But sadly, us humans believe that bugs are disgusting because to us, they are pests, but this coming from a girl whose brother ate a ladybug, I think you can trust me, and I do assure you I am not joking.Think this was weird? Try me, I have another few weird reasons slipped up my sleeve.

Easy to farm and gain money off farming insects.
This reason is less weird and more interesting, I don't think you know this but this fact I found very interesting myself, bug farming is inexpensive as bugs are naturally attracted to food, people who are less fortunate than us are able to raise them without money and gain quite the sum of money from the bug farming business as they take less water to raise and mostly feed off scraps and though  it takes a few yards of land to raise cattle but cricket farms take the smallest of the amount of land that takes to hold and farm cow and are are also able to be raised in most conditions.

Edible and less costly to farm.
The last reason is that they are almost 80% edible compared to cows, pigs and chickens which take are about 40% to 50% edible and to make it more amazing we could help support the water crisis in the next few years by eating bugs! Crickets take only 1 litre of water to raise, compared to a kilogram of beef, which takes the large amount of 22000 litres of water, a kilogram of pork, 3500 litres and a kilogram of chicken which takes 2300 litres! Imagine the amount of water we're using just to raise farm animals! And if that's not enough, surprisingly, there are many products out there such as Cricket flour and scorpion, ant and cricket lollipops! Your most likely thinking, yuck, but hear me out. Bugs, like lobsters and crabs used to be considered as pests but now are enjoyed as a delicacy all around the world, perhaps it could be the same for insects? People from other countries in the world eat Tarantulas, Scorpions, Silkworms, Crickets, Beetle Larvae and many other insects that some of us consider gross, considering them as a delicacy, like us in other countries who seem to consider lobsters and snails as delicacies and if there even is a practice, called entomophagy, the practice of eating insects, I don't think it can be that bad, can it?

What have we learnt?
Truly, I believe that we should integrate insects into our diet as they are healthy, easy to raise and more edible and easier to farm and take less water to raise than cows, pigs and chickens. They are filled with vitamins to make our immune system stronger and are easy to find all over our world.Maybe next time your somewhere in china or perhaps try one of their fried insects, and trust me, my mom has eaten insects before, she claims they are actually quite scrumptious! So I believe, with all my heart that we should be eating insects.

Insects should be added to the healthy diet By Cooper

TOPIC: People should include insects in their healthy diet.

Eating insects, you must be saying eww. But believe it or not insects are really good for you, and good for the earth. They have a name called Entomophagy. They also can help people in poverty. And did you know that crickets taste like potato chips and popcorn. Are you convinced yet ? Well if not then keep on reading.

Firstly insects can help people in poverty. Harvesting insects is really easy and doesn't cost much at all. People in poverty can harvest insects and later on sell them to restaurants and cafes that make insect salad. People in poverty find it hard to find jobs if they live on farm. Harvesting insects can be sold or kept to make their own restaurant. It also doesn't take up much land to contain these.

Secondly insects are very good for you. Insects contain lots of energy, protein and fiber. They contain lot's of minerals, vitamins, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus and much more. Insects are also better than are daily meat source such as pork, beef and chicken. 80% of a cricket is more edible and digestible than 50% of chicken and 40% of beef.

Finally insects are good for the earth. Farming insects is really easy. To farm a cow takes 200m squared but a cricket only takes up 1 square metre. Cows also need lots of water other than crickets only need 1 litre of water. Insects are also good for the earth because they create fresh dirt and they remove all the bad insects by having battles.

That is why I believe that the world should add insects to their healthy diet. They are easy to harvest, they are good for you and the earth.

Isaac's Persuasive Writing: Insects, should we eat them?

Insects, should we eat them?

I believe that all people around the world should make the transition from meat and other foods to consumption of insects as a daily part of our diet, nearly all species of insects are edible and contain five times the amount of nutrition than that of normal delicacies such as beef and pork.

Usage of insects as regular food will provide more than enough vitamins and minerals for the humans of Earth when farming with livestock and gardening becomes scarce as the global population grows, it is estimated that by the end of the century there will be eleven billion people. 

Harvesting insects will be a valued occupation for poverty ridden countries and areas,  only allowing for workers to collect money easily but also have a constant supply of nutrition and vitamins. 

Insects themselves might even become a common compact superfood that everybody carries and enables a nearly infinite source of energy to rely on. This may not be the only food we'll ever eat if Earth does come to insect farming, we will still have to drink water even though most insects have water within themselves.

All in all, using insects as a source of food is a very good idea, holding worth five slabs of meat in one tiny body. As well as providing jobs and money I strongly believe people should stop thinking of bugs and insects as gross but instead as a very important player in the future of Earth food.

- Isaac

Christian: Why humans should incorporate insects int their diets

If you ever saw a bug in your food what would you think? Would you pick it up and eat it or scream and run away in disgust. If I told you to imagine biting into an insect like a cricket or a beetle would your mouth start to water at the thought or would you screw your nose up? if you chose the latter for any of those questions  then that's why i'm here, to explain to you my thoughts on homo sapiens eating insects.

The very thought of bugs tend to disgust people, especially the the thought of having them be in your mouth, however the amount of minerals and vitamins they contain is very surprising. Pork, chicken and beef have a comparable content of protein, however the amount of minerals and vitamins such as calcium, zinc and iron make you able to say curtain that insects are healthier than meat. The fat contained inside an insect is very low.

Also,  insects require less land to farm.  The amount of land to grow one pound of beef compared to one pound of crickets is  preposterous.  For every two hundred  square metres of land it takes to grow one pound of beef it takes only fifteen square metres to grow one pound of crickets. Which is a big difference,  say for every One thousand and two hundred square metres it takes to grow six pounds of beef that is only ninety square metres of land to grow six pounds of crickets. That means it takes less land to grow 13 pounds of crickets than one pound of beef which may not affect you but can solve the world's hunger crisis,  or the world's housing crisis. If we use more land for farming meat then we have less land for houses and living space and areas.
Water is a much needed part of a human's life without it we would not survive so we do not want any water getting wasted, However to produce one kilogram of beef it takes two thousand two hundred Litres of water. To produce one kilogram of pork it takes three thousand and five hundred
Litres of water and of course one kilogram of chicken it takes two thousand three hundred litres of water, which all take a lot of water to produce, but to produce kilogram of crickets it takes only one litre of water.

I could go on about all the reasons you should incorporate bugs into your diet but wouldn't you
Feel good after trying something new, maybe going out of your comfort zone sometimes.  After reading my persuasive writing if I asked you If you ever saw a bug in your food what would you think? Would you pick it up and eat it or scream and run away in disgust.  If I told you to imagine biting into an insect like a cricket or a beetle would your mouth start to water at the thought or would you screw your nose up? If you chose the latter for any of those questions  then I have not succeeded to persuade you.

Image result for eating bugs