Friday, 4 November 2016

Art Inspritation

White Paper sculpture challenge

You may work with a partner or by yourself on this challenge.

1 x square piece of paper (to make the box)
As many white strips of white paper as you like
Glue sticks
Hot glue gun if you want to use

Step 1:
Create a box following this tutorial

Step 2:
Using the strips of white paper, create a sculptural piece of art inside the box.
Think of using the paper in different ways to make it look interesting (cut, fold, tear, curl, feather etc).
Glue these into your box to be displayed on the wall - so make sure they are glued in well and won’t fall out!

Have fun!


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  3. I really like building these marvellous boxes ,there really fun to build i recomend building one and give it a good try

  4. Wow, This is a really cool poster and me and and Amy made one too and it so cool but you also get sticky hands. I hope you had fun making them!

  5. Very helpful, I hope in the future or soon I can create this oragami.
    Joya b