Sunday, 4 December 2016

James Travel Wise Wirting

Funky Heels and wheels       Parade  
On Tuesday October, around 9:15pm we had the world's amazing parade we ever had it was on 29 october in 9:15pm where we get to see people Decorated their bikes, scooters, skateboards, their feet, shoes and lots but not least is hoverboards!!!.

First it was just a normal learning in 9:00pm and we were doing maths first, after 15 minutes we put all of our math equipment's all of the students from different hubs was going to the field.we sit in a U shape with a lot of students and after that police arrived there were 2 undercover cops car, 1 sedan Police Car, 1 Motorcycle Police and 2 unity cop cars.

After that we first saw was a dog that is a german shepherd from germany and it is black you can train it very easily and also it is a cool dog so this, dog we saw is a police dog,second dog we saw is another dog that is german shepherd but it is white and it can attack you so we saw a police person who had some armor in his arms to protect him from getting hurt.We get to see a dog biting a person it was scary but it was cool.

Next we all backoff and going back and we got to our position about 3 minutes we saw a chopper or helicopter and it landed in the field.We get to see a ploit and others and when we are sitting we have our answers question from the ploit and when we get the right answers we get to use, the ploit helmet and go inside the chopper or helicopter and after that the ploit got backed and others in the chopper or helicopter and they leaved
What i liked about this day is that we got to see a helicopter and landed and i always wonder why heilcopter need guns.


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