Thursday, 7 July 2016

Persuasive text about deer, By Sophie

We read a book called Deer, Oh Deer, it had two sides of the story, from which we had to make up our own mind about the wild deer problem in NZ and if they should be killed. This is my perspective.

The deer problem

Have you always thought deer as "fluffy, cute animals"?Not any more.The deer have been rampaging in New Zealand ever since they arrived and "soon the bush was being devastated."(Campbell, 2010, pg 15.)We should control the deer to avoid extinction from some of New Zealand's native plants.

Firstly, the deer are considered as a pest.They ruin New Zealand's flora/fauna by eating them.They do not do any good in the New Zealand.

Secondly, they are very irritating.They are so big that there is even transporting the deer dead!Imagining the deer being alive,it will probably be even more hassle.That is one problem with killing all the deer.

Lastly, the deer kill the plants.They eat them which makes it impossible for the plants to reproduce and grow more.

The deer should not have been brought into New Zealand.They are considered as a pest and should be hunted down and killed.

By Sophie

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