Thursday, 7 July 2016

Rain - Animation By Isaac S

I created this animation to accompany the meaningful poem called Rain by Hone Tuwhare, hopefully you enjoy the hard work of put into this


  1. Hello! This is Ana. I really think that was amazing, it was such a heart-warming poem and the animation matches it perfectly! I was thinking I should start doing some sort of animation, but I have no clue how. Do you have any tips for a complete beginner? Please answer when you can. :)

  2. Hi Isaac!
    Awesome animation! It looks like it really took a long time. I like how you added the poem along with the animation to make the effect seem dramatic. I’m actually learning to code, so soon I’ll be able to make cool animations as well! How did you make this animation? Did you create it using google slides? Is it a GIF? Or did you make it using stop motion? Anyways, cool animation Isaac! Keep up the good work!

  3. Hi how are you? Nice job in your writing. I also made an animation 2 years ago by using the same thing you used and I did a stop motion animation. Hey can you teach me how to do that animation? Ilike it how you only used google presentation if that was me I would not know what to do. How did you make it?