Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Insects should be added to the healthy diet By Cooper

TOPIC: People should include insects in their healthy diet.

Eating insects, you must be saying eww. But believe it or not insects are really good for you, and good for the earth. They have a name called Entomophagy. They also can help people in poverty. And did you know that crickets taste like potato chips and popcorn. Are you convinced yet ? Well if not then keep on reading.

Firstly insects can help people in poverty. Harvesting insects is really easy and doesn't cost much at all. People in poverty can harvest insects and later on sell them to restaurants and cafes that make insect salad. People in poverty find it hard to find jobs if they live on farm. Harvesting insects can be sold or kept to make their own restaurant. It also doesn't take up much land to contain these.

Secondly insects are very good for you. Insects contain lots of energy, protein and fiber. They contain lot's of minerals, vitamins, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus and much more. Insects are also better than are daily meat source such as pork, beef and chicken. 80% of a cricket is more edible and digestible than 50% of chicken and 40% of beef.

Finally insects are good for the earth. Farming insects is really easy. To farm a cow takes 200m squared but a cricket only takes up 1 square metre. Cows also need lots of water other than crickets only need 1 litre of water. Insects are also good for the earth because they create fresh dirt and they remove all the bad insects by having battles.

That is why I believe that the world should add insects to their healthy diet. They are easy to harvest, they are good for you and the earth.

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