Wednesday, 14 September 2016

People should include insects in their healthy diet - Vera

In literacy we have been writing about if people should include insects in their healthy diet, here is my opinion.
People should include insects in their healthy diet.

I strongly believe that people should include insects in their healthy diet. When you think about it seems gross and weird, but aren't you curious of what an insect could taste like? Countries like Thailand, Mexico, China, Brazil, Australia, Japan, The Netherlands, Vietnam etc consider insects in their healthy diet. Insects are healthy, nutritionist and a lot of insects taste like our everyday food.

A lot of people who have tasted insects say that insects taste really yum, tiny scorpions could taste a lot like Beef jerky, giant water bugs can taste like salted banana, Tarantulas tastes like how you would expect a bug to tastes like but the legs taste a bit like chicken wings! Giant crickets tastes like nutty chicken, Sago grub tastes kind of like bacon, Grasshopper tastes like peanut chicken, Crickets taste like popcorn, mealworms taste like roasted nuts, Lemon ants eaten raw taste really sour, stink bugs stink a lot but taste slightly like apples, locus taste similar to shrimp.

Most people have tried peanut butter, and some of the peanut butter in U.S.A contain some insects such as crickets. Most red candies such as skittles can contain crushed abdomens from female, beetle-like african insects! Other lollies or candies such as jelly beans can also contain insects to make the colour really bright and vibrant. Did you know that up to eight bug parts are legally allowed in each chocolate bar, believe it or not some cereals and broccoli can contain insects inside it too. You will eat over 70 insects and 10 spiders while you sleep in your lifetime.

Insects can use 1 L of water to grow and cows, chickens, pigs use more than 100 L of water to grow. Insect also eat less food to grow, than other animals. Insects are easy to live and farm most families can afford it. Farming Insects can take less space to grow, than animals and can keep our environment nice and tidy.

Insects look way healthier and nutritious than you think. Most Insects in the world contains vitamins, minerals, protein, fibre, fat, iron etc. Did you know that some meat and vegetables have less nutritious than insects? A small serve of crickets has more protein than the same serve of beef.

So try get a insect fry it cook or eat raw and discover what it taste like!

By Vera


  1. Wow! I am impressed by how much evidence you used in your argument. We already eat insects in candy! Great job - love the ending too!

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