Wednesday, 14 September 2016

People should eat Bugs

Yes i agree that people should eat bugs because they use less space, than farming, they are healthier and they produce less pollution.

It would be good for the earth because right now We humans eat more meat than most food and soon we might run out of meat and it takes more space for a farm of Cows,chickens and pigs.but if we start to eat bugs instead of meat it would help lots of things in the world and the environment.  

Now it  might seem wired when you think about it ,like most people don't eat bugs, to us it's not normal but to some people it is super delicious,But the reason we're talking about this is because bugs are a lot healthier than meat also if keep our farms we might run out of space for people to have a house anthorn reason is if we keep  the cows they can pollution there surroundings because when they eat the grass all the good stuff in the grass stays in there body and then when they take a p** all the stuff turns into stuff that can kill the surroundings.But  the cool thing about the bugs is that the ones that you can eat can help the environment and it there farms take up less space.

So yes i think people should bugs.
By Jensen L

​This is the space of the farms

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