Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Should we eat bug's? by Charlotte

Persuasive writing

I strongly disagree that we should not eat bugs because they are cruel and dirty also they can diseases you will never know if it's dirty or not.

Around the world people eat bug some people find it disgusting and some people find it yum some bugs can lay eggs but you don't know you can find them in lettuce and eggplant you never know other bugs can be dangerous.

Also bugs have bacteria. The ground is a dirty place and they go through drains drains are more dirty. Bugs' crawl around anywhere. They can carry diseases which is bad. They can be also be found in sand pit grass and cobwebs. Bugs' crawl around anywhere

Bugs are like us but just small they have families. Some bugs get taken away from their family.
Imagine us as a small creature and taken away from our family and cooked.

Bugs are like us but small bugs crawl around the ground where people spit their gum. Bugs suck anything on the ground.  

By: Charlotte

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