Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Austen's letter to John key.

81 Tihi St
Stonefields School

John Key
Prime Minister
Parliament Building
New Zealand

17 March 2016

Dear John Key,

My name is Austen and I am in year five at Stonefields School,Auckland

I think that the flag should be changed to the new flag.

I think that it should be changed because the  silver fern represents the new Zealand sports teams and our countries. I also think we should have the southern cross because it shows where we are in the world and our position on the globe. I also like the colors. Black because it is the national color and blue because it represent's the blue water and skies.

I also think we should change the flag because it looks too much like Australia's flag. Another reason is out of the 53 people in the commonwealth only four still have the union jack. We are also an independent country and the we have evolved since the current flag was elected.   

Yours Sincerely

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