Wednesday, 23 March 2016

My Flag Argument - I Disagree - by Cooper

Cooper K
81 Tihi St
Stonefields School

John Key
Prime Minister
Parliament Building
New Zealand

17 March 2016

Dear John Key,

My name is Cooper and I am a Year 6 in Stonefields School. I am a female and have the best friends that I could ever imagine. I am very curious about your thinkings and your thoughts.

I firstly think that the money that is going to the flag should have gone to charities like cancer or the poor. Secondly I think that we should leave the flag or change it to one of the old flags that would be much better. I also think that you should have listened to us first and gave us a option to change the flag to a new flag or a old flag.

Secondly what I know is that we are changing the flag because it was your decision and you think that it looks like Australia's and it does. I know that you think it is okay to change the flag, Why do you think that ? I also know that there were a bunch of flag entries. How on earth did you narrow it down to 5 ?

Thirdly I wonder if the people who created these flags are taking back what they did and started thinking that the money could have gone to something more then a flag like the people. I also wonder what you John Key was thinking in the first place to waste all that money and a dumb flag that we already have. Did you think wise enough or were you just goofing around? I have so many questions. I Cooper hope you have read this letter personally and not let your helpers do it for you. Please do write back or call me in.

Yours Sincerely
Cooper K

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