Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Letter to John Key - By: Aashna

81 Tihi St
Stonefields School

John Key
Prime Minister
Parliament Building
New Zealand

17 March 2016

Dear John Key,

My name is Aashna, I am 10 years old, I am a year 6 from Stonefields School. I sent this letter to you just to give you my opinion around the New Zealand flag. I think that we should change it, I have 3 reasons why.

Firstly, I think the current flag looks to much like Australia's flag and lot's of people from other countries get confused with the flags.

Secondly, I think that we should change the flag since we don't really belong to England anymore.

Thirdly, I think that we should change the flag since the new flag has a black bit that represents heaps of our sports teams like Black Caps, All Blacks, Tall Blacks, Black Ferns, Black Sticks and so on.

That is why I want to change the current New Zealand flag.

Yours Sincerely

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