Thursday, 30 June 2016

Austen's Poem about writing.

My poem about writing. By Austen

You pick up your pencil
grip it tightly in your hand

Sit down, on the chair
beside your own Desk
thinking what to write

Once a bubbling idea
comes into your mind

As bubbling as a bath
full of soapy, soft foam.

Grab your pencil and
write the idea down

When you make a mistake
all you need an eraser to
make it fade out onto paper.
You might want to add some
detailed sketched pictures to
Make it a bit more interesting

As messy as when you
when you are using
charcoal to draw a picture.

All you need a introduction
and conclusion to make
the writing really intriguing

Try to make your story
more interesting than
a parrot talking Japanese.

Do not forget a little
grammar then your
story is nearly Done!
By Austen.D

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