Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Complex sentences - Vera

For literacy we had to read a piece of writing and comment on the parts where we think their are AAAWWUBBIS, Complex interrupter,  Fanboys, Zig Zag sentence structures are.

Here are the samples that I wrote :

AAAWWUBBIS : Before bed, we got to have a bedtime story.

Complex interpreter : The yummy cake, chocolate and delicious, got devoured in one sitting.

I love vanilla ice cream, it taste so creamy and it melts in your mouth, it is so delicious.

Zig Zag : Next you have to pour your cake batter into the cake tin. Once you poured your cake batter into the cake tin, put it in the oven for . . . . . . . . .

Fanboys : The cake was really yum, so I ate 5 more pieces.

By Vera

I also found lots of examples of these sentences in this explanation writing example.

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