Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Shanya & Ashleigh How Mummies were made?

Mrs parker have been teaching us about AAAWWUBBIS, FANBOYS, Complex interrupters and ZIG ZAG. We have been doing some examples of the 4 things that we learnt. Me and Ashleigh did this together.

Here is our annotatingđź–‹


FANBOYS: I was not sleeping yet, even if my mum told me to.

Complex Interrupter: The big mountain,  very slippery and rocky,  was hard to climb.

ZIGZAG: I was willing to search for the diamonds. Diamonds are very expensive.

AAAWWUBBIS: Although I was scared of the cave I went into it to search for diamonds.


ZIG ZAG: When the storm has stop we are allowed to do something outside. Outside we did some paint.

AAAWWUBBIS: After we finished our homework, we will be allowed to do something fun!

Complex interrupter: After the the paint dries we need to glue some stuff on, like sparkle star and glitter, for decoration.

FANBOYS: I haven't finished my work, so I needed to do it in my break time.

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