Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Georgia's Persuasion - Why you should eat insects!

This week in Mrs Parker's literacy group we have been building our knowledge on insects and if you should or shouldn't include them in your healthy diet.

Eating Insects?
Eating insects "Eww!" Well believe it or not insects taste quite nice and are really good for you most contain vitamins , minerals , calcium , iron , Protein , Zinc and heaps more. Did you know that Mealworms taste like roasted peanuts and crickets tastes like popcorn. I strongly believe that we should include insects in our healthy diet and soon you will too.
Good for you and others
Insects are really good for you and others. They are really really easy and almost free to harvest. People in poverty could make money by selling insects to a restaurant. Insects are really good for you to , they can provide more iron and protein , calcium , Zinc and vitamins than meat. Did you only about 50% of a chicken can be eaten 40% of a cow is eaten but 80% of a cricket can be eaten.

Farming Insects
Insects aren't just better for you to eat , there also better to farm. Did you to produce 1 kilogram of beef it takes 22000L of water weres 1 kilogram of pork takes 3500L and 1 kilogram of chicken takes 2300L but for crickets it only takes 1L , imagine what it will be like for cows , chicken etc with food. Also when you farm insects it doesn't take up much space too. When you farm insects it doesn't just take a little bit of food and water but it also is better for the earth.  

Better for the earth
Did you know it is better to farm insects than livestock it is cheaper and better for the earth. Livestock production accounts nearly a fifth of all the greenhouse gases emissions that's bad for the earth also insects produce only a lean amount of greenhouse gases and raising them requires a tiny amount of water , space and they can eat almost anything.

So insects taste quite nice , easy to harvest , better for the earth and you also you could make a job by selling them. Go try a insect , delicious and crunchy, you don't know what they will taste like , so have you tried one yet. Do you think you should include insects in your healthy diet?

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  1. Hello Georgia, I really enjoyed reading your persuasive writing. It persuaded me to eat healthy but not to eat bugs. Maybe I will try to eat bugs in the future. I think you just need to work on not naming your last paragraph and work on hooking in the reader in other paragraphs. Your writing was spectacular and I would love to see more. From Cooper K