Tuesday, 13 September 2016

We Should Eat Bugs - By Elijah

For literacy we have been writing persuasive's. We were writing about bug's. Humans should eat bugs. We found this very challenging, as we had no knowledge of that topic, but luckily our kind teacher, Mrs Parker gave us some videos to watch to build knowledge. I hope you like my persuasive writing.

Humans Should Eat Insects As A Part Of Their Daily Diet
I think we should eat Insects as a part of our daily diet. Although you would probably scream at the thought of eating Insects, they are actually good for you. Insects are good for you because they have tons of protein.  They can also be used to make a number of different foods like chili cricket. "That sounds yum". Another fact is that they do not take much food or water to farm and will eat almost anything. That is why I very strongly believe we should eat Insects.

My first reason why we should eat Insects is they are very good for us and have lots of protein, vitamins and minerals. Insects have much more protein than beef. 80% of their edible body is Protein. While the rest, is vitamins and minerals such as zinc. Did you know insects have more mineral iron than beef. While also having about the same or more amount of protein. Mealworms are high in fibre and also has the same amount of protein as beef. If you live in america you could eat or drink Insects every day. It could be in your beer or peanut butter. In some food products in america a certain amount of Insect parts is allowed in food.

Insects also will eat almost anything making it really easy to farm for eating. Since they are so small, they will not need much food or to live in a big space. Insects and insects do not need much water either,  because they get fluids from the food they eat. Here's a fact to grow 1 pound of beef it takes 200 square meters, but to grow one pound of insects it takes 15 square meters. It also takes 22000 liters to farm 1 kilogram of beef, but it only takes 1 liter to farm 1 kilogram of Insects and insects. Insects are more economical to the society, so we should eat them as a part of our daily diet.

My last part of this argument is Insects can also be used to make a lot of different scrumptious foods if cooked right. Mealworms, an american food can be served in two delicious ways. You could satay them with butter and salt or roast in chocolate. Delicious food doesn't stop there. In Cambodia southeast of asia giant tarantulas are caught, fried then served. There are much more delicious foods and dish's that you could try. Insects are not only healthy and good for the environment they are also very yummy, scrumptious, delicious. Do you want to eat Insects now, I ask?

Are you ready to eat bugs yet? They are not so bad. We should all eat bugs as a part of our daily diet. Do you still not want to eat bugs? Well I could go on forever about why you should eat bugs. Oh so now you agree with me. Tell your friends and family to eat bugs and if the disagree show them this piece of writing and make this world a better place.

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  1. Hi Elijah, I see you've used the AAAWWUBBIS sentence structure correctly (Since they are so small, they will not need much food or to live in a big space.)
    I wonder if you could have used more of the sentence types and punctuation in your writing?

    I do like your use of rhetorical questioning too, persuasive writing is helped when we ask the reader to consider your ideas.