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The Series Of Unfortunate Events The Bad Beginning Book Report By : Cooper

Name : Cooper
Date : 8th of August 2016

Title of Book : A Series of Unfortunate Events : Book 1 : The Bad Beginning

Author : Lemony Snicket

Setting: (Time: future, past, modern]; place: country, town, landscape, season; rich, poverty etc.)

The Setting was so gloomy. It was in a town.

Main Characters
  • Klaus

  • Sunny
  • Violet
  • Count Olaf
  • Mr Poe

Choose 1 main character to describe: What do they look like?
Violet has straight brown hair and when she had a idea or was inventing something she would tie with her cherry red bow. She wore a necklace that was shaped into a heart. She wore black clothes. She always wore a dress

Describe their personality (eg. Friendly, helpful, scary, bully)
Violet is nice and friendly she is very ladylike. Violet is protective of her siblings because she is the oldest. Violet is smart and likes to invent things.
Klaus is very smart and kind. He will stick up for his sisters even if it puts him in danger. He likes reading books and he knows what really hard words mean.
Sunny the youngest is cute and very strong. Sunny likes teeth and she has four very sharp front teeth. She likes hard things and books about teeth.

Summarize the story: Include PROBLEM/CONFLICT, Main Events and CONCLUSIONS
Image result for klaus baudelaire bookIt all started with the children at the beach. Violet was skipping rocks. Klaus was reading his books and sunny was chewing on something. Then in the fog appeared Mr Poe. He had told the children that their parents had perished in a fire. The children's hearts filled with sadness. Mr Poe told the children that they perished in the mancheon. Mr Poe took the children to the house to see it one last time and see if anything had survived. Sunnys invention stand was ruined. Klaus's library was burnt with all the books and Sunny's favorite chew toy had burnt to. Mr Poe told the children that they would be staying with him for a while. When Mr Poe found someone that was their relative to look after them they were happy. Mr Poe took the children to the other house. They were going to their Uncle Count Olaf's. Count Olaf was scary and always drew one eye. Count Olaf was horrible he would hurt the children, make the children do the chores and threaten them. Count Olaf made a play. He made him the groom and Violet the bride and got a really judge to say the words. He told the children that if Violet wouldn't marry him then he would drop Sunny from the tallest tower. Sunny was trapped in a cage hanging out from the window. Violet had a idea to write with her left hand instead of her right. Count Olaf saw Violet sign the paper and he released his plan. Everyone was shocked but then Violet revealed the truth and before he could drop Sunny, The cops handcuffed Count Olaf and took him to jail. Why did he do that ? So he could get the Baudelaire fortune. The children ended up living with Mr Poe until Mr Poe finds another person to live with. Who will it be? See in the next book The Series of Unfortunate Events: Book 2 : The Reptile Room

Would you recommend this book to a friend? Why or why not?

I recommend this book if you like adventure. This book doesn't have a bad or good ending and it has a whole series. There is also a movie based on this book series.

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