Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Isaac's Persuasive Writing: Insects, should we eat them?

Insects, should we eat them?

I believe that all people around the world should make the transition from meat and other foods to consumption of insects as a daily part of our diet, nearly all species of insects are edible and contain five times the amount of nutrition than that of normal delicacies such as beef and pork.

Usage of insects as regular food will provide more than enough vitamins and minerals for the humans of Earth when farming with livestock and gardening becomes scarce as the global population grows, it is estimated that by the end of the century there will be eleven billion people. 

Harvesting insects will be a valued occupation for poverty ridden countries and areas,  only allowing for workers to collect money easily but also have a constant supply of nutrition and vitamins. 

Insects themselves might even become a common compact superfood that everybody carries and enables a nearly infinite source of energy to rely on. This may not be the only food we'll ever eat if Earth does come to insect farming, we will still have to drink water even though most insects have water within themselves.

All in all, using insects as a source of food is a very good idea, holding worth five slabs of meat in one tiny body. As well as providing jobs and money I strongly believe people should stop thinking of bugs and insects as gross but instead as a very important player in the future of Earth food.

- Isaac

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  1. Oh wow!
    This is great, but if other's stumbled upon this, I as a stranger wouldn't understand what you were writing about as you had no explaination or informant of what topic you were writing about and would probably be confused!

    But, other than that, your writing is superb, keep it up! :D