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Breakthrough Exhibition ~ By Riley

Breakthrough Exhibition
                               ~ Leaving Me ~

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On Tuesday 23th Of August 2016 we had a breakthrough exhibition. I was in the musical ~ Leaving me ~ we had to answer five questions, and these are my answers.        

What part of your exhibition are you most proud of ?

I am most proud of when I did the karanga mai for the first time in my first performance, Because half the people were at netball.

What area of the Graduate profile do you think you've grown the most? And Why?   ( Building knowledge capacity, making meaning, collaboration, Breakthrough)

I think that I have grown the most in collaboration, because i'm not really good with collaboration, and I have had to do lots of collaboration. In particularly when we were decorating the stage no one else likes my perspective, so I had to compare me perspective and their perspective and find the similarities. The bit of the Graduate profile was this ( I am starting to value perspectives other than my own, and compare other perspectives and find the similarities.

If you were to thank someone who would it be?

I would thank the whole musical.
They have been participating to make this happen. Thanks to all the people who organised the lights, thanks to the setting group who made all the props go on stage in time, and to everyone who joined in. Thank You to the script people for writing the script, and to costumes for making the costumes for the dance group. A special thanks to whaea Nin for supporting us and for the food on the night.
I Thank my mum and dad for such great support.

What was some of the feed back?

My parents said maybe next time the music could be a bit more quieter, so that you can hear our singing a bit more, because before you couldn't hear our voices a bit more.

My parents told me that some of the adults said "That my voice was beautiful."
Whaea Nin said that it was probably better if we didn't have a pillow fight and sing, and instead we should be playing on the bed, while someone sings at the front and then we change person.

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What would you do differently next time?

I think we should turn down the music, so that we can hear everyone sing.
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By Riley .B


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