Friday, 26 August 2016

Breakthrough Exhibition { Isabella }

  On the 23rd of august stonefields school had a breakthrough Exhibition.Every hub showcased their learning .My breakthrough group worked very hard we had to paint ,tape and make . I think I'm most proud of standing  at my stand  a talking about the process we went through we also talked  about the outcome and what everything was. I think  that i've most improved on breakthrough and collaboration because  I used to do be a bit bossy  sometime but now i'm not so bossy. Next time I think we could paint  the design  better because there were spots that had no paint. Someone i like to thank is Mr stuart because he has helped us through those times when  you're a little bit stuck or you don't know what to do. Last of all is  I think  we got some really good feedback from some of the parent's. All of the people who came  to our stall liked our design. Something that they asked us was if the colour we're  going to be those colours. We said no so next time  maybe think about it a bit more  but overall it was really fun  and i loved all the delicious food and it was an awesome  time to exprines.IMG_7536.JPG

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