Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Breakthrough Term 3 Reflection - Isaac S

I loved everything about the musical, from the lights to the props. The part I am most of was the settings and how we managed to order lights and props for the musical. Whaea Nin and other helpers were supportive and greatly increased the efficiency in which we successfully finished the musical within the time limit.

After our last performance at 7:15pm we received a large amount of feedback from both spectating learners and adults, one of the most prominent being slowing down when speaking and remembering to come onstage when you should.

I would like to thank Whaea Nin the most for bringing the musical together from just a bunch of people singing a lame song to a 25 - 30min theatre-like acting and dancing with lights and props. Truly this terms breakthrough was by far the best.

Our collaboration skills at first were quite low and we found it hard to communicate and get our opinions across, then gradually as the weeks past before we knew it we were talking and collaborating with each other as if we had always done it that way.

If I would like to keep the musical as it is and not change anything about it.

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