Thursday, 25 August 2016

The Ghosts of Young Nick's Head, Book Report #1, by Brittany.

For the past few weeks, Mrs Parker's literacy group has been assigned to do some independent work, mostly based on reading, first, we had to complete a reading log, then after we're finished we are to do a book report, mine is on the amazingly haunting and ghostly book named The Ghosts of Young Nick's Head. So, this is it, enjoy!

Name:Brittany Date:17/8/16


Title of Book:The Ghosts Of Young Nick's Head

Author Sue Copsey

Setting: (Time: future, past, modern]; place: country, town, landscape, season; rich, poverty etc.)

Modern, Town, Country, Somewhat rich.

Main Characters

  • Joe

  • Eddie

  • Barry (Baz)

  • Thomas Wright

  • Jack Wright

Choose 1 main character to describe: What do they look like?

Barry, a museum owner, his hair is a brownish blonde hair that's mostly combed back, the other times, falling somewhat neatly onto his ears.

A small cheery smile always plastered upon his face, even in bad situations.

His eyes are black, with a rounded face and a large stomach.

Wearing a tuxedo, even in situations not suited to.

Describe their personality (eg. Friendly, helpful, scary, bully)

Barry's a cheerful chap, a happy, smart, kind and helpful man. In many times in the story he helps the characters in their journey and attempts to cheer them up whenever.

Summarize the story: Include PROBLEM/CONFLICT, Main Events and CONCLUSIONS

On holiday at an isolated old house perched high on the cliffs of Young Nick's Head, friends Joe and Eddie are plunged into a deathly ghost story.First spooky noises, then scary writing, and then some horrifying experiences! What is the secret of the haunted room? What is the shadowy form that lurks out on the headland? And why do Joe and Eddie keep finding themselves this close to becoming ghosts themselves? Terrified but still determined, the boys set out to crack a mystery that has remained unsolved for over 100 years..

Would you recommend this book to a friend? Why or why not?

I would recommend this book to a friend because it really brings you on the adventure within the pages, as if the story starts to unfold right before your own eyes. I felt I was somewhat sucked into the adventure, my sister had told me I was unresponsive, staring at my kindle for about an hour, only stopping once or twice to get a drink of water. And I have never done that before, maybe it was just because the kindle was cool or maybe I blanked out…?

All I can say is that the storyline is amazing, the characters, fascinating and the mystery.. Ghostly. But I would most likely recommend this for mystery, thriller and maybe horror readers, as this story can sometimes get a bit spooky.

All in all, it's a great read, one I would definitely recommend to all over the age of 10 or older.

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