Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Christian's tsunami work

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The word Tsunami originates from Japanese and means " harbour wave".

A tsunami is most frequently caused by an earthquake on the seafloor. However, coastal landslides and volcanic eruptions can also cause tsunamis. Normal ocean waves are caused by the wind and tides so are different to tsunamis.

A tsunami is a series of powerful waves that can travel up to  500 miles an hour while in deep ocean water and are quite small. However, when they reach shallow water near the coastline they  increase  in size, but slow down. A tsunami can reach up to 20 metres.

People in the path of a tsunami can be warned in various ways. The tide may go out very quickly, sirens may be used,  and warnings provided by tsunami or hazard watchers.seismograph detects undersea earthquakes.

when the sea level rises that is when you can tell a large amount of water has been displaced.The result can ruin crops. cattle even buildings can be knocked down from the force human beings lives are lost  or they are very injured.from the water flooding over the land from the energy pushing the water up .

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  1. wow christian I really like how you explained what a Tsunami is and what it dose . It was really cool how you told us how fast a Tsunami goes and how a tsunami can reach up to 20 metres.I also noticed that you had lot of backup information. i learnt about tsunami in book that i read maybe next time you could add where the baddest tsunami was placed in like china,russa or somewhere alse. but other wise i really really liked your writting