Tuesday, 9 August 2016

The Deadly Tsunami By:Cooper

The Japanese word for a "harbour wave" also known as a tsunami. The very deadly disaster that has taken out lives in many areas. The famous tsunami has been in movies and on TV. It is a criminal that can't be caught.

What are the causes
The causes of the deadly tsunami are usually caused by the tectonic plates of the earth in the ocean pushing up against each other. Eventually one of the tectonic plates of earth give up. One of the plates rise whilst the other stays at the normal level. The sea level will rise from the normal sea level.
When the sea level rises from it's normal sea level it will start to form a big wave. The wave will start getting bigger as it gets closer to the shore. That will make the tsunami. Another reason for a tsunami to form is because of a meteorite. When the meteorite hits the water the pressure of it turns it into a big wave. Like when you punch the water in the ocean it makes a little wave. It is depending on the size of the item hitting the ocean or water. The bigger the object the bigger the splash, and, the smaller the object the smaller the splash. It also is depending on the weight of the object. The meteorite is a less suspected because it hasn't happened much in areas.Image result for tsunami gif animation

       What can tsunamis do

The deadly harbour wave has happened in many countries such as Japan. In Japan the tsunami had taken away more than 10, 000 people's lives and they say that 1500 people are still missing.(NZ Herald, John Armstrong) The deadly wave had also happened on islands like Samoa. In Samoa the tsunami took away 190 lives.

How can we prepare for this

To know when a tsunami is coming is very simple if you look for these signs.
One of the signs to look for is if there water goes out very fast or it might come in very fast. Another way to know when is when the warning buoys alarm the people or you can check on the radio or tv. Sometimes if a tsunami or natural disaster is coming the animals will start acting very strange. If you see a meteorite coming close to earth you should start moving. It is best to get canned foods for any natural disaster. To get away from a tsunami go to the highest ground and warn everyone else.

By: Cooper

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