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Tsunami means horrible wave in Japan because it can crash all the things and it can also wash over lots of thing and wash the people away. Tsunami can travel very fast it can reach speeds more than 700 km per hour.

How it is formed๐ŸŒŠ? Tsunami is come from undersea earthquake undersea island slide, nuclear bomb, undersea volcanic eruption (The lava is come from the center of the Earth) and meteorite if one of those thing happened it will push the wave into Tsunami. Tsunami can make the seashell crash into people's body.In 1946 there was an Nankai earthquake it made a tsunami in Japan.

What is tsunami warning signs⚠? Tide goes out quickly, warning siren, broadcast and tsunami warning buoy,  You can also watch TV or listen to the radio to know the tsunami is close to the land, if you live close the the sea you can see the tide goes out quickly or the tsunami warning buoy. If you know the tsunami is coming you better to go to the high ground or the place where not close to the sea. If you went to the safe place you need to stay away until you are told it is safe to return home and you also can learn about the tsunami risk in your area.

What can tsunami make๐ŸŒŠ? Tsunami can make lots of damaged and wash the foods away, muddy watery land and water supplies. The tsunami break the roads so it's hard to bring the people in the hospital, the people who work in hospital need to help the people who get hurt.

This is the information about tsunami if the tsunami is near the land you better to plan an evacuation route from your home, school or work to higher ground.

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