Monday, 8 August 2016

Holly's tsunamis writing ( funny version ) EDITED

Tsunami Or Fate

In a Tsunami it wouldn't just be a wave it's a wave taller than me, so I don't think it's just an ordinary wave , it's my nightmare wave and at the same time, in my dreams for it to be gone but I wondered why? Why is a Tsunami here? Why is it call Tsunami? How was it made and what damage it's done? Thats what im gonna be finding out .  But first, where's a Tsunami at? Isn't there a thing called " The Ring Of Fire " and am I in it? The countries in ' The Ring Of Fire ' are Chile , Mexico , United States , Canada , Russia , Japan , Philippines , Indonesia , Peru , Ecuador , Panama and um what's it called New Zealand! Since i'm in New Zealand i'm in the ring of fire, now i just have to wait and wait, and wait… No that didn't work, I guess I have to do some research ONLINE !

I waited a little longer and didn't have a Tsunami sadly, but I did research and found some things like what Tsunamis are made from .  They are made by earthquakes , underwater landslides, a volcanic eruption or a large meteorite strike and Tsunami means "harbour wave" in Japanese . I thought about it  and what should we do if we have a Tsunami ? If you live in somewhere like New Zealand where there's lots of hills and mountains you're in luck so if you have warning signs of a tsunami get up high or what's it called RUN ! But I'm not sure that will work . Another thing that you can do is build a wall , no don't do that I was joking ... Yeah um sure I was . GET ON A PLANE now fly fly away far far away it will help, trust me .  When there's a Tsunami it's hard just to run away like Forest Gump , but at least we can run like a penguin waddling down the street .  

If you thought hard enough than you would know that Tsunami's would have a warning sign before it happened so you might be wondering what happens when there's going to be Tsunami so here it is . When there is a Tsunami coming it's hard to pick out but you can spot it out by looking at your toes , no i'm kidding … Look at the way the water's behaving if it extra clear, and low tide at the wrong time of day it's sometimes a Tsunami but it's pretty rare , it is I could just be windy you can see fish and coral in the ocean and it pretty . You can also tell by the loud loud very loud plane crossing the sky no not a plane a bird no the WATER IT'S LOUD all the fish are probably dieing by now … Poor fish.

How Tsunamis work is there is power generated through the water to make stronger waves eventually getting bigger. Tsunami 's are more powerful than the wave size says the tsunami is there because of the under surface water that's strong and powerful If you think about  . Imagine if there was no water , then the earthquake from down under is the strongest earthquake like ever ! tsunamis are beautiful but the damage is incredible ! but there is damage that comes along sadly it's ruined families , countries , citys and so on . I wonder if the tsunami has felling is it sad , mad or happy is the … Tsunami happy ... MEAN TSUNAMI ! ...

Over all the tsunami can hurt me. Bad boy … Im just joking the tsunami is a non supported structure made by energy , power and the underwater world all mixed together = death . It's tension is supported until it hits the ground . BOOM POW EXPLOSIONS ! Just my luck still no Tsunami, oh well anyway … Tsunamis hit the ground and all the support for the energy has collapsed on to the ground BOOM water everywhere = flood = no more buildings and sadly no more people no cats … Poor cats no kittens I Need a tissue . Waa , ok i'm alright , now …

So in the finishing process of a Tsunami you might need a new house and cat, but insurance should cover it hopefully the cat too. Tsunamis are pretty rare so you should be ok but if you are in a Tsunami you should feel special … But still you might be dead-ish well no really dead sorry about that . Yeah sure I am … Anyway when you see a Tsunami run for the hills literally.

I hope you found my writing helpful in some way, and funny :D

Written by Holly Clarke

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