Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Jake's Breakthrough Reflection

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Breakthrough Overall Reflection

  1. What part of your exhibition are you most proud of?
The experiment in front of the table because the water transferred into the cups that didn't have water and the colors made green.   
  1. What area of the graduate profile do you think you have grown the most? And Why? (Building Learning Capacity, Making Meaning, Collaboration, Breakthrough
Collaboration because in my group I collaborated really well so we didn't get into an argument and we didn't fight with each other.

  1. What feedback did you get from visitors last night?
A parent said this I got how did you do this experiment, nice work, I like your video, the experiment looks amazing.

  1. What part of your exhibition would you have done differently?
I would have put more highlights of the experiments in the video and decorate the table more.  

  1. Who would you like to thank for supporting you in your breakthrough learning?
I would like to thank my mum and dad for supporting me, Mr Stuart on helping me on setting up the experiments, I would like to thank Charles for supporting me in breakthrough when I was by myself and Jack for supporting me when I was in the pit.

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