Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Isaac- Tsunami, What is it?

I would like to share a piece of literature based around tsunamis and what they do, enjoy!

A Tsunami
What is a tsunami? Well a tsunami is a immense wave of water that is caused by natural disasters most commonly based underwater, these disasters being: Underwater mudslides, volcanoes and earthquakes. Most commonly caused by tectonic plates underground. All these natural phenomenons release energy, and that energy causes the giant walls of water we see today that devastate the world all too often.

Mistakenly, tsunamis are called tidal waves when actually they have nothing in common with the tides themselves, as I explained above a tsunamis caused by a large released amounts of energy through the water and are not affected by the tides. As the energy travels the water follows with it, and when the water hits the shallow area of the coastal beach, the tides starts receding rapidly and the affected water starts to slow down and rise higher and higher until gradually a tsunami is formed, but by then it's already too late.

A tsunami's damage to a country's economy and financial state is incredible, the costs of repair usually ranking up
to millions of dollars. Not including the leftover debris and the hundreds or even thousands of people who died in the disaster. After a tsunami coastal communities are hellholes of destruction, many of their inhabitants dead or mentally scarred by the event. Some of these communities have tried building large concrete or steel walls, but even these towering protective slabs of brick and mortar fail to protect these beachside villages or even cities and still these devastating walls of water power through, destroying everything in their path.

All in all, a tsunami is a destructive force of nature that adds onto the large amount of possible natural disasters, ranging from sinkholes to tornadoes and volcanoes. And when a tsunami does occur, remember to always move to the highest point in your area whether it be a mountain or building if the tides start to drag out at a faster than usual pace, most of the time many people don't notice it as it travels through the water until it hits the beach. Nowadays scientists check tsunami buoys regularly so that when one does happen, not that it does happen frequently of course. That civilians have enough time to evacuate the area to high ground.

Now that we have covered everything everything about a tsunami, the damage it does, how it's formed, the warnings you can see to avoid it and extra facts. Many tsunamis have played a big part in historic battles and happenings, and maybe even in a few years, a century even. People may find a buried city that was lost in time by a tsunami. Well that's  all folks!

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