Thursday, 11 August 2016

First Round of debates:

Topic: Is it appropriate for the All blacks to perform the haka "Ka mate"

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Text used
Ka mate Bill
Welsh Rugby union
Ngati Toa settlement
Last but not least how the all black felt about Haka " Ka mate"

Comments from the affirmative side
Paddy’s debate

Can you really imagine a game without the haka? Can you really? Can you really imagine a game without the haka? Can you really? I strongly believe that the All Blacks should perform the haka, ka mate because it is to do with the maori culture and it is from the maori warriors before they went to war. The haka scares the opponents like now. When  the new people come in the team the haka get’s really strong because the people who have already been in the team teach the new players. Then they will keep practicing and it would get really strong. The all blacks have also been doing the haka for 100 years and it is to do with the maori tradition. They also need to be respectful to how it is done and this is why I think that the All Blacks should perform the haka.

Go All Black’s!

Comments from the Negative side

The Haka Ka mate

The All Blacks say that they don’t want the camera’s in their faces while doing the haka ka mate.

In my opinion I believe the haka should not be performed because it doesn’t belong to them.
I hope to show you in my debate good reasons why they should not perform the haka.

They also say that they are just doing the haka for entertainment. Another reason is that the All Blacks say it is time to move on from the Maori tradition. All Blacks also say the famous haka Kamate is inappropriate to perform on tv and in front of the audience and I agree.

In conclusion

I hope you have been convinced by my speech of why the All Blacks should not perform the haka kamate. Thank you for listening.


  1. I love the reasons that you added in that little debate of your that say about why/why not the all blacks should do the haka Ka mate that I want to agree with both! - Mugdha

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  3. Hey Amy!
    I watch the All Blacks too. I love how you put in some reasons. Who is your fav all black?I watched the video,it was really good. I like how you said go All Blacks at the end. I read your writing, it is really good! You did not do any spelling mistakes you put in punctuation. Hey did you watch the All Blacks vs the Australians, the other day? Here is our link to lh3 blog Here is the link