Thursday, 25 August 2016

Exhibition reflection by Leila

2016 Breakthrough exhibition

Screenshot 2016-08-24 at 2.40.46 PM.png
What part of the exhibition are you most proud of? - How kids came in and gave a go to try and make a pop up card by watching a video to help them make one.

What part of the graduate profile do you think had grown most? -  collaborate,
I am learning to appreciate perspectives that are different to my own thoughts and ideas.

What feedback did I get from the visitors last night?  That it was cool and that the idea of pop up cards was interesting, but hard to do.

What part of the exhibition could I have done differently? We could have made more pop ups and used a Chromebook rather than a mac, because it was so slow and it kept going off

Who would you thank for supporting you in you exhibition? Mahek because she helped me fix a problem with the mac



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  2. Hi Leila, I like the pop up cards you made and the way you made the cards to with the visitors and I also like the way you present the video on the mac. How long did you spend to make the cards?

  3. Great work Leila and Aashna. I love how you explained what you liked about the exhibition and what you need to work on next time . I'm wondering how you made the pop card's and how long it took.