Friday, 26 August 2016

Breakthrough Exhibition Reflection - Aashna

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  • What part of your exhibition are you most proud of?
I am most proud of the way me and Leila coloured the poster, because we worked really hard on it.

  • What area of the graduate profile do you think you have grown the most? And why?
I think I have grown most in collaboration because Leila and I have never been in breakthrough group, before so we had to collaborate real hard.

  • What feedback did you get from your visitors last night?
They said that they found the templates really cool because I did not just find it from the internet, I did it myself. They also said that my instructions for the template were very clear.

  • What part of the exhibition would you have done differently?
We should have made more cards to display on our stall so that there is more cards for the parents to see.

  • Who would you like to thank for supporting you in your breakthrough?
I would like to thank Leila for being in my breakthrough group and helping me, Vera for helping me and Leila make the stall when she had nothing to do in her breakthrough and Mrs Parker for helping me and Leila print our pop up card templates.

By : Aashna

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