Monday, 8 August 2016

The Cause & Impact Of Tsunamis

What is a tsunami you ask?


Well a Tsunami - (Su-na-mee) Is a huge wave basically like the artificial waves you see in surfing/action movies. The word in general Tsunami is a japanese word meaning harbour wave, Pronounced

They the tsunamis are part of the natural disaster family that just come from the Sea, usually caused from other disasters on land sending the energy vibration out to sea.

How on Earth is it caused?


The cause of a tsunami if usually underground natural disasters, (For example Etc. Some are because of volcanic eruptions in the Sea which can cause the water to shake while making it rise slowly while moving forwards to the Island.)

Signs Of Tsunamis Coming is If you were to be in your house watching the news they could warn you, because they could've talked to scientists and they would have studied it then told the news reporters. You could be at the beach and all of a sudden you might be able to hear a huge roar like a train or an airplane approaching but it's just the Tsunami approaching the Shore In Front of you also the water would retreat into the deep end/ out of the harbor and come back as this huge!! GIGANTIC WAVE.

Other things like A land earthquake can also affect the Sea/sea because the island may shake causing the water surrounding it to move into ACTION! DUN DUN DUNNNN.. Landslides, volcanic eruptions or large meteors and other disasters cause this. Most people call them tidal waves but THEY ARE SOOOO DIFFERENT.. Well I think , so.. here is the reason, Although they both come from the sea (A.K.A sea waves) A tsunami and a tidal wave are two different and unrelated waves. A tidal wave is the wave motion of the tides. A tidal wave is a shallow water wave caused by gravitational interactions between the sun, moon and earth.

What should you do if you were to see or hear a warning sign of a tsunami?


You should take caution of all the warning signs people, the news and friends give you,

If you were to hear the tsunami warning siren (dash – dash – dot – dot) going on for 15 mins you should have to evacuate the beach If you were to be close by. If you are at home or in the car and you hear it you should probably listen to the radio for some useful information on the monster wave, or the other side of this question.. If you are at home and hear it through a window or something… same thing as the car you should probably turn on your tv and look for information. If you were to be at your work or your very own business you should either way prepare everyone to evacuate the tower/building if you and other workers are near the sea with you, for safety reasoning you should do this if you were to be in that situation. If you were to hear the evacuate tsunamis coming siren (dot - dot - dot) you should run to the nearest high ground (high mountain) not a building because it could be destroyed!!! If you are in need of more energy and you DEFINITELY NEED SOMETHING and it's necessary you should use a car only if NECESSARY.

Random Info:


Countries that get the tsunamis are usually in the ring of fire for example here are the countries names (Etc. Japan, Canada, Chile, Russia, Mexico, Peru and others) Well sadly NZ (New Zealand) Is in the ring of fire ,so we could have one hit at any moment AHHH!! Anyway you may be asking what the ring of fire is, well it is The Pacific Ring Of Fire!! That wraps around the pacific ocean including all of the countries I just Explained And they within those countries are available to… killer earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis , so yeah…

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