Wednesday, 24 August 2016

The Breakthrough Exhibition By : Cooper

The Breakthrough Exhibition

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Q1 : What part of your exhibition are you most proud of ?

I am most proud of the dances that we did because when we practiced we did it OK but on the day we made our moves clear and we all smiled and it was really fun. I also am proud of dances because we didn't make a mistake and when we did we would just smile and carry on.

Q2 : What area of the graduate profile do you think you have grown the most ? And why ? (Building Learning Capacity, Make Meaning, Collaboration Breakthrough)

I think I have grown most on Make Meaning. I think this because I had learn't more about my culture and more about what they wear.  I also learn't about other culture's like the Cook Islands. I also think that I grown most on Make Meaning because I learn't new stuff and cool dance moves.

Q3 : What feedback did you get from  the visitors last night ?

The visitors were very impressed with dances we did and the play itself. They also told me to smile with my teeth to make it look I am having a blast.

Q4 : What part of your exhibition would you have done differently ?

If I could go back in time I would have smiled more and I would have tied mt titi on more tightly because it fell off during the dance. I would have also got changed faster than I did before.

Q5 : Who would you like to thank for supporting you in your breakthrough learning ?

I would like to thank Vera for helping me get changed into my clothes and reminding me what scene was next before I got changed into the wrong clothes.

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