Friday, 26 August 2016

Leaving Me, Breakthrough Exhibition Reflection by Brittany

For the past 15 weeks, my breakthrough group has been producing a play, a musical to be exact.
We have been rehearsing and rehearsing until we had it almost perfect, recently on Tuesday the 23 of August we put on two shows.
Below is my reflection on the night, enjoy!

  • What part of your exhibition are you most proud of?

I am most proud of my classmates who did the dances, in fact, all of the dances, their dancing that night was just spectacular!

  • What area of the graduate profile do you think you have grown the most? And Why? (Building Learning Capacity, Making Meaning, Collaboration, Breakthrough

I think I have grown lots in Collaboration as I had to work with others like Faith, Elijah, Maddy and the others and being able to create quite a fantastic little show with the others stretched me and I was also able to strengthen my bonds with the others during the making of the show.

  • What feedback did you get from visitors last night?

Judging from the loud clapping and smiles on my family's face and the feedback I got from them, I supposed that most of them enjoyed it.

  • What part of your exhibition would you have done differently?

I probably would've tried to stop switching jobs, from script writing to setting then acting & singing. It got pretty annoying after a while, to be honest.

  • Who would you like to thank for supporting you in your breakthrough learning?

I would like to thank Whea Nin, the parents, my classmates and all the other teachers who helped organise our event and helped to create it.

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