Monday, 8 August 2016

Tsunami explanation

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A Tsunami is formed by a large amount of water that becomes an unusual wave. Tsunamis can wash away a large amount of land and lives.

How is a Tsunami formed?

Tsunami's can be caused by a nuclear explosion, eruption, landslides, earthquakes and meteorite. So when one of those things happen it sends a vibration of energy through the water, then as it get closer to land it rises taller but it starts to reduce its speed. The giant wave moves more slower as it gets to land because the water depth is lower so it can't draw as much water as it did in the deep ocean water. Then it will slowly approach land, then CRASH it hits land!

What are the warning signs?

There is a siren that will send a loud ring to warn people to get to higher land. The warning buoy is to tell the shipperman that there might be a Tsunami coming. The tide will go in at a large amount of water, this can be useful if you are at the beach, because will be able to see the water. There is also another warning signal if you are watching TV, the broadcast. There is also a seismographs that scientist use to detect an underwater earthquake that could or would cause a tsunami to be formed. Families that live closer to shore are warned as soon it could happen, because they are the closest to the tsunami. Sometimes animals will act unusual.

How much damage is caused?

There is many damage that can be caused by the powerful Tsunami. Tsunamis lead to DEATH as well. Tsunamis can also destroy your crops, which makes survival nearly impossible, Tsunamis also take away fresh water from everything in its path, so you won't be able to use your tap in the next few days. The tsunami makes it even more harder to escape, because the roads, grass and motorways will be scraped of land like a giant lawnmower! Nearly everything in a tsunamis way is crushed or destroyed into big and tiny pieces by the force of the water.

There are some ways you could stay safe like learning about tsunamis and packing a survival kit containing things that you might need to stay safe.The are how a Tsunami can be formed, The warning signs and how much damage can be caused. This is a writing about what is a Tsunami.

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