Friday, 26 August 2016

Elyshia's breakthrough reflection.

This is my Reflection of my breakthrough with Holly

1: What I was most proud of was the sign I made for the exhibition that said Stylish sketches because I drew them with little characters that started with the letter (e.g T=time E= Elmo's      S=snakes and strawberries

2:  I think i have grown better at drawing by hand by practicing at home by typing and doing games that involve hand movement now, my drawings are more precise because my hand gestures are more controlled

3: I'm not sure what feedback I got exactly
4: well, the cogs that we has I would have made a bronze color and I would use a table that we could fit both our drawings and cogs on and I would stick our sign on the leg of the table

5: I would like to thanks Mrs parker for earlier in term two she told us to instead of doing THE Pusheen she told us to make OUR own Pusheen characters so I made one called Catbob fluffypants and Holly made one named Cookie. And I would also like to thanks my dad who taught me about shading and all the other shimoggings about drawing at home

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